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How to use Romantique Tp's new SC-88Pro BGM in EoSD
Here's a cool trick I found. If you convert the .flac files provided by Romantique in this post to .wav and then replace the original .wav files in EoSD's bgm folder (making a backup before doing so of course) you can listen to them in game.

I used this ffmpeg command to convert them:

--- Code: ---ffmpeg -i input.flac -c:a pcm_s24le output.wav

--- End code ---
--- Code: ----c:a pcm_s24le
--- End code ---
option retains the 24 bit. There's probably a batch command but I just did it one by one...

Unfortunately the sound effects start to hurt your ears if you try to play the music at the volume it's meant to be at but the new bgm still sounds awesome regardless in comparison to the original. If there was a way to adjust the fx volume that'd be great. Not sure how this would work in other Touhou's since I have only played EoSD. Apologies if this has already been done before.
afaik you dont need a batch script, you can just do for example

--- Code: ---ffmpeg -i *.flac -c:a pcm_s24le *.wav
--- End code ---
that should search for all of them and convert all (within a folder) while keeping file names but i could be entirely wrong
you can then do this to raise the volume of them to align more with the sfx

--- Code: ---ffmpeg -i *.wav -filter:a "volume=1.33" *.wav
--- End code ---
although i havent used it in a good while so those commands might be wrong, i do know that "volume=x.xx" works though

may also be better suited in nitori workshop as this is mod game discussion but neat nonetheless
Ah yes, that would probably work. I always forget the syntax of commands.
For some when I played again reason static started appearing partway through in-game (but not in mpv), and turns out it was the -c -c:a pcm_s24le option :/. Strange, because I thought I had played with it just fine before.

Anyways, thanks for the volume adjustment. Works great. Unfortunately ffmpeg doesn't support batch that way actually but I found a powershell command to do it:

--- Code: ---ls | Where { $_.Extension -eq ".flac" } | ForEach { ffmpeg -i $_.FullName -filter:a "volume=1.33" $_.Name.Replace(".flac", ".wav") }
--- End code ---
You can also use Sound Canvas VA and set the SC-88Pro as the midi playback device. (the trial is 10 minutes only, but seek and ye shall find  :meiling:)
I dunno if the loop points in replaced .WAV are accurate, probably not given slight differences in how these tracks play out.
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