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Touhou 1 MDRV98 to PMD?
i have gotten my hands on a lua script for mdrv98, which it decompiles mdt files, but i wonder with this, i can convert the instruments to pmd? i have been trying but no luck so far.
do you mean converting an MML file into a file which can be played through a pc-98 fm emulator (e.g. an M2 file)?
that can be done using https://github.com/kuma4649/PMDDotNET. (go to "releases" and download "bin.zip" from the newest one, also i believe it requires the .net runtime in order to work)

however, if you mean editing the instrumentation itself, i believe that has to be done manually. at the very least, i personally don't know of any tools that streamline this process.
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