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Kirisame Cola:
What are your favorite Touhou headcanons? I'll go first!

* Tenshi and Youmu often spar with their swords to keep their skills sharp
* Alice does a lot more than just make her porcelain dolls, she also made every bit of furniture in her house and still occasionally makes furniture for those close to her
* Sumireko has those incense makers in her room and she really likes the smell of vanilla incense
* Yukari's room in her house is filled with tons of shiny/glowing material things such as lava lamps and the such
* Mima, Yukari, and Shinki get together in Makai every now and then and talk.
* Marisa has Mimi-Chan under her bed and will use her again if her broom is ever to break

I'm not really the type of person to have headcanons, but I guess there are some.

* One of Yukari's favorite pastimes is to bully Tenshi
* The incredibly common "Alice has a crush on Marisa", but also if Alice asked her out, Marisa would just casually accept, not really thinking about it
* Marisa's not-very-well-known shop has two regular "customers": Alice, for obvious reasons, and Patchouli, for less obvious but still obvious anyway (she wants them books back), which is the only time she ever leaves the mansion
* Sanae has a crush on Reimu

 I have a few headcanons, many of which are embarrassing but I'll shoot.

* Marisa has some sort of deal going on with Meiling to allow for her safe passage into the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Most likely food related.
* After the events of Touhou 18 Reimu stashed some of the cards to sell for her own profit
* Aya is always poking about the Hakurei Shrine because of her crush on Reimu rather than for the sake of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper
* Mystia is constantly on the run with her lamprey stand because of her involvement in Choujuu Gigaku with Kyouko(Byakuren is not so happy)
* Shou and Nazrin are secretly in a relationship without Byakuren's knowledge

Here are my personal Touhou headcanons.

* The characters are official members of the Gensokyo Danmaku Sisterhood (GDS) which consisted of founding members Reimu and Marisa and all the girls from PC98, Windows (EOSD to UM) and the spinoffs (IAMP, SWR, DS, HM, ULIL, AOCF).
* The spellcards the Windows Touhous use are named after artists and songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Madame Emiko:
Here are my headcanons:

* Raiko is actually not a tsukumogami, but in fact ONE in disguise. Her actual nature is that of a "vessel" of an angelic / divine being. That being is nearly omnifarious (but not to the point of God-level) that it could assume whatever identity / species it wants for their vessel.
* Yumemi has a German mom who died some point before her 18th birthday. (hence making Yumemi in my HC a haafu)
* Raiko does not have a surname by default. She gained her current surname by being adopted. (This and the above HC about Raiko is a part of my larger collection of headcanons about Raiko and a bunch of OCs I made)


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