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東方偽現実 〜 Cruelty of Verisimilar Existence - RP Thread Edition

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> "Quite perceptive. Now, do you have any idea about what I was thinking of? I'd be quite surprised if you were."

Branneg Xy:

--- Quote from: OkuuFallout on September 07, 2022, 12:36:24 AM ---//Hello everyone! As I have a (semi)-concrete plan for CoVE now, I am ready to post what was the original idea for it: an RP thread. I will be posting the first chapter plus a tiny bit of the second. A few minor tweaks will be applied for additional context, as this is not the "official" story. Which leads me to another point: If you have read CoVE, please try not to apply that story here. As far as this goes, it's an entirely different story. Finally, please be patient with me. It is inevitable that the story will start to sidetrack from the main plot, so I will probably steer back to it if I notice too much divergence. However, I'm purposefully leaving parts of the story blank. This is because I want others to have a partial say (within character) in where the story goes, just to make it a little better. Anyway, that's enough rambling for now. If anything else comes to mind, I'll add that info as we go. Now. enjoy!

東方偽現実 〜 Cruelty of Verisimilar Existence

Yukari Yakumo, the Gap Youkai. Her ability is to manipulate boundaries, no matter what that might entail. That person is you, and you will soon discover the truth behind not only Gensokyo and the outside world, but the entirety of everything you know.


One day, while thinking about the extent of your ability, you thought about how powerful you truly are. You can instantly kill someone by manipulating the boundary of life and death, or the opposite by bringing a corpse back to life. You can even manipulate the boundary between human and youkai, human and demon, etc. However, this would be taboo due to its danger to the balance of Gensokyo.

As you are thinking about this, you remember that painting you got from the outside world. It's an illustration of a massive wave with a snow-capped mountain in the distance. You took after that black-white magician and "borrowed" it from a museum. It is a bit disappointing, however, since it's supposed to be the original yet is so small. No matter, you think, I'll just hang it above the vanity.

While you gather everything to hang it, you think about how Ran could be doing this for you, but then remember that you are trying to rely less on your shikigami for the time being.

You've gathered everything now, and head towards the vanity. You continue to think about your powers. While you continue pondering that, you slip. You try to catch yourself, but that pesky shelf you put up bonked you on the head.

As you fade out of consciousness, you think, I should get rid of that shelf.


You have a vision. There is a man operating a long, narrow, flat device. You recognize it as a keyboard, not unlike Lyrica Prismriver's. However, it doesn't sound like a keyboard, but rather what you recognize as the sound of Merlin Prismriver's instrument. What was it called again? A trumpet? Yeah, that sounds about right. It does seem a little different than what it's supposed to sound like, but maybe it's just your imagination.

During what seems like a few hours, you observe the man working on a computer, a type of shikigami from the outside world. It appears that he somehow was able to get the music onto the computer, at least that's what you assume. It looks like what you believe is a "software", a feature of computers, somehow made the music "visible".

After some time, it seems like he finishes. The music that plays is... strange, but pleasant. Serious, but tame. Exciting, but slow-paced. Composed of mostly piano, but with snippets of that unique trumpet. The man seems pleased with his creation, and gives it a title: "夜が降りてくる ~ Evening Star".

The vision starts to fade away, but before it completely fades, you notice he adds one more detail. This time, you see it clear as day. Your mind blanks for a second, then you go still, chills running down your spine. The vision fades away, and you see black. All you can think about is those last three words he added:

"Yukari Yakumo's Theme"


"Mistress?" A quiet, soothing voice speaks. "Mistress Yukari, are you alright?!" Now an eager, energetic voice speaks. There can only be two beings in the world with those voices.
"Chen, calm down please. This is Mistress Yukari we're talking about, she's most likely fine."
Ran snaps a little, "Chen, be quiet! I told you, she's fine!" Chen doesn't listen.

You are fully conscious now. All you need to do is get up.


--- End quote ---

// Even If I am not going to partecipate,save maybe for  the future and occasionally, as an help to the   :extend: present all eventual and future Players   :fullpower: or Interested ones,here are the 2 Story Links,2 different format, to "... Touhou CoVE (4 Chapters so far)", on your starting Topic https://www.shrinemaiden.com/index.php?topic=343.msg25306#new ... //

// ... Since it is still useful but glossed over ,the Beginning also contais the Start of Chaper 4 ...

//...Please Keep In Mind that,as the Author&Parser OkuuFallout specified , while the RP-Thread has a starting connection from its Story-Format and the former is connected to the latter to some extent...the RP is also going to be Different and Divergent //

//Thank you Branneg, I appreciate that.

--- Quote from: Neovereign on September 08, 2022, 03:44:49 AM ---> "Quite perceptive. Now, do you have any idea about what I was thinking of? I'd be quite surprised if you were."

--- End quote ---

>"Like I said, I do not wish to think about where your mind wandered this time. It can be quite a disturbing place at times."

> "You don't take me for a fair and innocent young maiden with a pure mind? How hurtful, Ran~"
> How's the painting?
> "Perhaps it was this shelf's time to go anyways. It's hardly been welcome, wouldn't you agree?"

>"Sorry, Mistress. I was just talking about how you treat that one Celestial. You still talk in your sleep occasionally, contemplating how you should punish her next."

>The painting is perfectly fine. A good thing, that is, since it's a priceless treasure.

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>"...Sure. You haven't put anything on it in the past few years it's been there, after all."

>"I suppose I should have asked this first, but are you alright? Does it hurt?"


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