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東方偽現実 〜 Cruelty of Verisimilar Existence - RP Thread Edition

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>Chen will probably enjoy it when she starts eating it anyway.

>Reimu was home. She was busy sweeping around the shrine, so it's unlikely that she noticed you.

>Ran comes in with a pie. "Chen, Mistress, I present to you, an apple pie. This one is for Chen..." Ran places a plate of pie in front of her. "And this one is for Mistress Yukari."

> Well, time to dig in. See if we're right, or Chen is.

>You take a bite. Ran's cooking is as exquisite as ever. You doubt that most of these pies taste this good.
>>As predicted, after Chen reluctantly says "いただきます" ("itadakimasu" - thank you for the food), she takes a bite, and immediately melts. "Amazhing!" she says, her mouth still full.

>Ran looks expectantly at you for feedback.

> "Delicious. Not to mention, this should be your first time making this. I look forward to your meals only getting more delectable, Ran. Dear Chen, were you, perhaps, not confident in your Master's abilities? Or was it caution in my ingredient gathering?"


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