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Touhou Accomplishments Thread 24: v3 Edition
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I figured that while organization is still underway, it wouldn't hurt in any way to revive the accomplishments threads. Seems like a good way to kickstart the new place. Post your Touhou gaming accomplishments, recent or general. Not just the main shmup series. I think it wouldn't hurt to include spinoffs and various fangames too.

I don't have much: Normal 1ccs of every main game up to Ten Desires, excluding Subterranean Animism, Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream and Highly Responsive to Prayers. Hard 1ccs of Perfect Cherry Blossom and Imperishable Night. Some minor 6-8 scoring attempts. And a clear of Labyrinth of Touhou 2.
Spoiler: HRtP  - Lunatic 1cc (Makai/Jigoku) | Lunatic No Bomb (Makai/Jigoku)
SoEW  - Lunatic 1cc                | Lunatic No Bomb                | Extra Clear
PoDD  - Lunatic 1cc                | Lunatic No Miss No Bomb
LLS   - Lunatic 1cc                | Lunatic No Bomb                | Extra No Miss No Bomb
MS    - Lunatic 1cc                | Lunatic No Bomb                | Extra Clear
EoSD  - Lunatic 1cc                | Lunatic No Bomb                | Extra Clear
PCB   - Lunatic 1cc                | Lunatic No Bomb                | Extra No Miss                      | Phantasm Clear
IN    - Lunatic 1cc                | Extra Clear
PoFV  - Lunatic 1cc                | Extra Clear
MoF   - Lunatic 1cc                | Extra Clear
SA    - Lunatic 1cc                | Lunatic No Bomb                | Extra No Miss
UFO   - Lunatic 1cc                | Extra No Miss
GFW   - Lunatic 1cc (All Routes)   | Lunatic No Bomb (All Routes)   | Lunatic No Miss No Bomb (A1/A2/B2) | Extra Clear
TD    - Lunatic 1cc                | Lunatic No Bomb                | Extra No Miss
DDC   - Lunatic 1cc                | Extra No Miss
LoLK  - Lunatic 1cc                | Extra Clear
HSiFS - Lunatic 1cc                | Extra Clear
WBaWC - Lunatic 1cc                | Extra No Miss No Bomb
UM    - Lunatic 1cc                | Extra No BombScoring:
Spoiler:                 Makai
HRtP Easy     - 11,499,930         

                ReimuA         ReimuB         ReimuC
SoEW Easy     - 24,025,500     22,909,640     21,519,230
SoEW Normal   - 21,477,840     23,007,770     22,041,350
SoEW Hard     -                30,898,850     30,310,020
SoEW Lunatic  - 42,942,800     39,387,300     36,050,450
SoEW Extra    - 42,603,800     38,105,400     33,862,900

               Reimu       Mima        Marisa      Ellen       Kotohime    Kana        Rikako      Chiyuri     Yumemi         
PoDD Easy    - 44,616,900  58,297,370  69,133,270  47,444,980  54,100,130  45,639,900  49,339,040  61,787,870  43,327,550
PoDD Normal  - 63,602,800  75,127,170  66,465,020  73,901,980  76,632,120  77,513,540  57,851,790  69,334,030  62,443,080
PoDD Hard    - 78,006,060  106,552,090 79,353,160  92,011,890  90,739,700  86,601,170  71,159,620  100,353,630 79,724,640
PoDD Lunatic - 122,855,290 133,650,710 113,653,150 122,656,180 127,175,260 115,627,040 98,761,280  133,492,380 108,114,580

               ReimuA          ReimuB          MarisaA         MarisaB
LLS Easy    -  71,657,220      68,786,970                      60,481,450
LLS Normal  -                  128,477,620
LLS Hard    -                  151,686,610
LLS Extra   -                  80,901,730                      78,798,130

               Reimu           Marisa          Mima            Yuuka
MS Easy     -  80,583,650      80,457,000      88,328,310      80,729,690
MS Normal   -  128,874,650                     139,776,270

Various StB/DS scores
StB: ☆x1  / ◇x0  / △x4
DS : ☆x13 / ◇x14 / △x15

It's been a while. The last accomplishments thread was started in 2016.

For those new here, traditionally accomplishments threads started with listing our past accomplishments; after that, they were also a place to post new accomplishments. Every 1000 posts, a new thread would be created, to list past accomplishments again.

And that's a great use of our new spoiler tags.

Karisa's accomplishments: DDC Easy scores:
ReimuA △873,293,630
ReimuB ☆775,357,770
MarisaA ◇799,468,670
MarisaB ◇782,240,510
SakuyaA ◇826,742,770
SakuyaB 1,035,101,770

Other scores:
HRtP Lunatic Jigoku 13,827,505
SoEW Easy ReimuB 20,057,300
SoEW Extra ReimuB 37,058,770
MS Easy Mima 77,928,820
MS Normal Mima 118,156,540
IN Easy Marisa solo 2,592,368,680
MoF Easy ReimuA 1,476,874,790
MoF Extra ReimuA 952,841,670
SA Easy MarisaA 610,367,240
SA Extra ReimuA 967,416,080
TD Easy Marisa 847,738,810
TD Normal Marisa 1,514,539,230
DDC Extra ReimuA 730,892,200
LoLK Normal Sanae 1,760,707,350
WBaWC Easy Marisa-Otter 2,280,547,680
Shining Shooting Star - Normal Reimu 4,049,728,860

Lunatic 1cc in every game up to Touhou 15
ExNN full stage in EoSD, UFO (with summons), DDC; boss/midboss only in PCB, MoF, SA
--- Quote from: KirbyComment on February 21, 2020, 06:28:14 PM ---HRtP Easy     - 14,499,930
--- End quote ---
14m on Easy? Is there something I'm missing? I thought the Lunatic record was in the low 14m range.

--- Quote from: Karisa on February 21, 2020, 11:02:29 PM ---14m on Easy? Is there something I'm missing? I thought the Lunatic record was in the low 14m range.

--- End quote ---
I copied some scores from my Touhou Wiki and managed to have this written wrong the whole time and not notice.
Spoiler: Highly Responsive to Prayers: Lunatic 1cc, Both Routes
Story of Eastern Wonderland: Lunatic 1cc, Reimu A, Autofire On
Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream: Lunatic 1cc, Reimu, Autofire On
Lotus Land Story: LNB, All Shots (Best: 2MNB with Marisa A)
Mystic Square: LNB, Mima
The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: LNB, Reimu B
Perfect Cherry Blossom: LNB1BB, Reimu B
Imperishable Night: Lunatic 1cc, Border Team Final A, Magic Team Final B, Scarlet Team Final B
Phantasmagoria of Flower View: LNC, Medicine
Mountain of Faith: Lunatic 1cc, Reimu B
Subterranean Animism: LNB, Reimu A
Undefined Fantastic Object, LNBNV, Reimu A
Ten Desires: Lunatic 1cc, Reimu
Double Dealing Character: Lunatic 1cc, Reimu A and Reimu B
Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom: Lunatic 1cc, Reisen
Hidden Star in Four Seasons: Lunatic 1cc, Reimu Winter
Wily Beast and Weakest Creature: Lunatic 1cc, Marisa Otter

Shining Shooting Star: Lunatic 1cc, Sanae

Extra Stages:
All main series ExNBs except SoEW, PoFV, TD, and LoLK
ExNN in LLS (Marisa A), EoSD (Remiu B), SA (Reimu A), and UFO (Sanae B)

Spoiler: Lotus Land Story:
Easy Marisa A: 50,667,300
Normal Reimu A: 105,201,200
Normal Marisa A: 85,315,200
Lunatic Marisa A: 101,701,550 (6)
Lunatic Marisa B: 95,206,480
Extra Reimu A: 79,085,070
Extra Reimu B: 77,595,710

Undefined Fantastic Object:
Normal Sanae B: 1,772,332,600
Lunatic Sanae B: 2,110,443,100 (6)
Extra Sanae B: 450,913,620

Outside Touhou:
Spoiler: Survival:
Ai Cho Aniki: No Miss 1cc
Armed Police Batrider: Normal 1cc, Strawman
Batsugun Special Version: 2-ALL, Type B
Battle Bakraid: Normal 1cc, F-111B
Deathsmiles: Lv. 2 1cc, Windia
DoDonPachi: 1-ALL, A-L and C-L
DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Black Label: 1-ALL, A-EX
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu: Omote 2-ALL, B-S
Espgaluda: No Bomb No Kakusei 1cc, Tateha
eXceed 3rd: Normal 1cc, Autobomb Off
Hishouzame: No Miss 1-ALL
Mushihimesama: Maniac 1cc, W-Power
Mushihimesama Futari Black Label: Original 1cc, Reco
Sky Adventure: 1cc, Autofire On

Ai Cho Aniki: 1,144,650, Glitches used
Espgaluda Tateha: 46,244,330
Mushihimesama Original Mode S-Power: 30,219,337
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