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Haha I have made a Genshin-styled icon for Raiko Horikawa. Enjoy!


Madame Emiko:
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I was so bored so I decided to make this for fun.

Probably this will be the most epic Electro character, rivalling the Raiden Shogun if she is in Genshin!

Made using Picrew's genshin icon maker, and edited using Krita.

More raiko is always appreciated so thanks for this khara

Madame Emiko:
More information regarding this (if Raiko is in Genshin, to be exact):

Title: Roaring Thunder of God (轟然神聖雷電)*
Rarity: 4-star
Element: Electro
Weapon: Polearm
Birthday: August 29th (heking hek (quote from a video of Sans Default Dance variants by DexterousFish), right? Same as Michael Jackson so that she would become an Ascended Meme in my own depiction of her (from the Vietnamese Touhou Wiki, it is said that Raiko is sometimes compared to Michael Jackson because of her appearance))
Constellation: Typanum Tonitrus (lit. Thunder Drum, self-explanatory)
Region: Inazuma
Affiliation: None
Special Dish: None (she cannot cook because she does not have the need to eat as a spiritual being)
How to obtain: Wishes (since she is a 4-star she can be obtained in the Standard Wish after the version that follows the Event Wish she debuts in)


(Attack names for normal and elemental attacks are inspired by the Kamisato siblings' attack names)

Narukami Art: Adamant Diamond (鳴神術〜断固金剛) (Normal attack)
Narukami Art: Thunderous Bane (鳴神術〜雷鳴被害) (Elemental Attack)
Fuujin no Narukami (風神の鳴神) (Elemental Burst)*

VAs / CVs (English / Japanese only; since I know nothing about Chinese / Korean VAs / CVs who had voiced in games):
English: Christina Vee Valenzuela
Japanese: Miyuki Sawashiro

*: Based on my HC about Raiko as seen in my upcoming Touhou / Seihou fangame, Muse Genkaroku (and its potential sequels)

Sounds lit?


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