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TouWHO?? 2
« on: September 30, 2022, 01:11:50 PM »
we made another one of these. Has a pretty wide variety of tracks

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Re: TouWHO?? 2
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we made another one of these. Has a pretty wide variety of tracks

:notes: Good for you and for us(though,sincerely, I am "secondary, :time: partly like Sakuya and partly like Chiyuri on yours truly TouhouWHO?? 2's Cover" to hearing out/searching out for any highlighted music&music makers...if they are not related somehow to a,or another, "good-meant importance")  :extend:!
By :fullpower: expansion for all interested somehow :fullpower: Where is the link(s?) for the Announcement,Cover,etc.(?)"TouWHO??"  On the previous,far more packed also because longer-standing, / MotK V.2 ?
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Re: TouWHO?? 2
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stumbling upon this now, i love how it turned out! ^^
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