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moriyashrine.org got DMCA

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So alongside Touhou Wiki drama someone anonymously sent out a DMCA in regards to all official Touhou content from Windows era and some of the albums as well.

It makes one wonder why is that and who's behind this. I'm a little worried that it may be some other source that's related to ZUN, though it obviously wouldn't make sense for someone else to speak for Touhou apart from ZUN.
This is especially weird since I recall ZUN being okay about fans in the west obtaining these games for free (or maybe it was just in relation to fans making their own translations?).
Side note?: Some people claim that ZUN actually DMCA'd websites that hosted PC-98 games, though I have no evidence from them.


personally i'd wager it's just a copyright troll, many of those exist online due to how easily abusable and just generally terrible the dmca is. as an example, there was a western touhou fangame a while back which had set up crowdfunding without asking for permission first (which is a breach of guidelines). they were contacted in an orderly manner and while i can't remember whether it was by ZUN directly or a legal representative it does lead me to believe that an anonymous copyright claim is rather out-of-character.


I don't see how not being able to freely download games other people have to pay money for is drama but sure.

ZUN has never been OK with piracy but he and his team is very small so it takes time for them to handle stuff. If anything, you should be thankful they only got around to issuing takedowns after the majority of his catalog has been released on Steam.


A lot of the games are at least still available on steam, I'm more worried about the older albums which can be harder to come across and OSTs in general. The ones on Moriya Shrine were always really good


All of the OSTs are on stores and subscription services like Apple Music and Spotify.

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