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What's going on with the touhou wiki?

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I am completely lost on the drama surrounding this. Is this a case of a power tripping editor or is this just overblown nonsense?


Overblown nonsense.
On the part of Marisa's page that concerns her relationship with Reimu, someone removed the parts that implied the two of them had a romantic relationship, with a somewhat impolite edit summary that accused the person who wrote those sentences as "degenerate shippers" and then somehow, don't know how, that got onto Twitter, who all got real mad, and then one person attempted to vandalise Reimu and Marisa's article to outright say that they are girlfriends, who got promptly blocked, and then the Wiki updated their guidelines to say that edits should present facts, not opinions, and should be neutrally worded.

TLDR version: Marisa's article suggested that she was in a relationship with Reimu, someone removed it, people on Twitter got mad, end of story.


I seriously need to just delete Twitter. here I was thinking it was something insidious or something by how people were freaking out about it. Thanks for indulging me sena.


I can understand wanting to sound neutral since people are sensitive these days and get offended by anything possible. However I don't understand actually removing content as shown here.

And here's, well how to say it? Lack of professionalism? I dunno, this Wiki seems to try to be so official so I guess statements for edits should be also firstly consulted between people and only then added in with proper reasoning.

Without that, it just feels like a war between teens on their keyboards.

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