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東方偽現実 〜 Cruelty of Verisimilar Existence

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Status Update: 12/07/2022

Hey there. OkuuFallout here. For the past month, I’ve been feeling somewhat unmotivated when it comes to working on CoVE. I’ve only gotten about a single page’s worth done in Chapter 6 so far– I‘ve been working on it off and on. However, I’m here to announce a minor change. Formerly known as “Act 1”, Chapters 1-4 are now titled as the prologue, with the next batch of chapters starting as Act 1 instead.

 I realize I’ve been inactive for quite some time now, so I will give an apology/holiday gift to those who have been keeping up.
As of 12/07/2022, Chapter 5 is now released.

Thank you again, if you’ve been keeping up. If you could wait another couple months, I will likely be finished with Act 1 by then.

OkuuFallout, out.


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