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//I was inspired by something I saw on another forum and I was curious to see how such a quest would play out here.

>It is one of the last few havens for the supernatural on Earth, isolated from the rest of the world for centuries and is home to a diverse population consisting of humans, youkai, fairies, ghosts, and many others.

>These people live in balance, governed by a set of laws known as the Spellcard Rules that emphasizes duels based on beauty and dodging rather than pure displays of power. In theory, these laws allow humans and weak youkai to have a fighting chance against those that are far stronger than them.

>This way of life has lead to life in Gensokyo being mostly peaceful, if a bit chaotic at times, with only the occasional incident to shake things up, though these tend to be resolved by the efforts of a certain few.

>It has been a while since the last incident had occurred, but the winds of change are always blowing. Indeed, something new lies on the horizon, and only time will tell how it will play out, and what your part in it will be.

>However, before anything can begin, a simple question must be answered...

Who, in this world, will you choose?

>Flandre Scarlet - The younger sister of the vampire Remilia Scarlet. She almost never has the chance to go out, mostly being confined to the mansion due to a poor control over her power.

>Koishi Komeiji - A young satori that sealed her third eye shut to escape the prejudice against her species, unintentionally sealing off her conscious mind in the process. Yet something still stirs inside this "Empty shell"...

>Sariel - Makai's Angel of Destruction. Defeated in Makai a long time ago by a young Hakurei Shrine maiden, she has been in a state of unconsciousness for years. Still weakened from the conflict, she is just now waking up to a world where much has changed...

>Maribel Hearn - An outsider who is on the cusp of unlocking her potential, trying to find the fabled land of Gensokyo with her best friend Renko.

>Someone else? - May lead to unpredictable results. Choose carefully.

> Voting for Sariel and Maribel (If it remains a prolonged tie I'll go with Sariel)

>Voting for Sariel. A PC-98 character in a Windows Gensokyo sounds interesting.


--- Quote --->Sariel
--- End quote ---

>The demonic realm of Makai, despite what its title may imply, is actually a relatively quiet place in the context of major events. With the exception of a brief incursion from a flying ship, ever since the end of what became known as the Demon Incident and the departure of one Alice Margatroid to Gensokyo, Makai has mostly kept to itself and generally caused no problems or was affected by any further Incidents.

>Recently, though, energies have been coalescing inside near the edge of the realm, and upon the cold rocks between a long unused cave entrance and an ancient ruin, a figure with bluish platinum hair laid upon the ground, their form finally reconstituting after their physical body was destroyed in a conflict years ago. Memories slowly sort themselves out as depleted power reserves hungrily feed on the miasma-laced atmosphere as a long dormant consciousness gradually awakens.

>Then, with a sharp intake of breath, a pair of violet eyes snap open as six magnificent wings finally unfurl for the first time in over a decade...

>What will you do?

> Are we alive!?

> What is the last thing we remember?

> What do we see?  Can we move?


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