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Which video games (non-Touhou) would you play with your Touhou / Seihou girl?

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NOTE: Plz don't be angry at me because i discuss about Seihou in MoTK. You know, Seihou is distantly related to Touhou since IIRC ZUN works on it. It also has several similarities with Touhou.

Recently I've just seen a post about which movies should we seen with our fav Touhou girls. Now as my first topic here, I am going to present you the choice of choosing which video game (non-Touhou nor Seihou) would you play with your favourite Touhou girl. As a bonus, I will allow you to pick a Seihou character that you like in addition to picking a Touhou character that you like.

My choices:

- Play OMORI with Satori Komeiji in order to show her the consequences of being a hikikomori for life, and encourages her to be more open with strangers and friends.
- Play Yume Nikki with Doremy in order to make her see how weird people's dreams are, in an attempt to confuse her and do a little bit of trolling on her :meiling:
- Play GTA with Reisen to show her what is true action (no intention to make her commit crimes, I want to play GTA with her just for fun).
- Play Deltarune with Muse (Seihou) because Deltarune's story is the inspiration for the story of a Seihou fangame I am going to make, which can evoke some memories of her adventures while we are playing Deltarune together. :notes:
- Play Friday Night Funkin' and its mods with Raiko in order to show how good are FNF music, and to show her the most poggers bits of modern music.

If you have any ideas on which video games would you like to play with your favourite Touhou / Seihou character, feel free to reply to this post.


Based on my Touhou Sorter results, my top 10 are below in order from 10 to 1.

10) Rinnosuke: Probably some shopkeeping tycoon game.
9) Sakuya: Perhaps that one game called House Flippers, where you're pretty much cleaning up disgusting, run-down houses.
8) Momiji: Some sort of game about being a guard (couldn't find anything specific).
7) Reimu: I never thought about it until now, but Reimu is somewhat of a superhero, at least in terms of powers and incident-resolving. So I would choose what I believe to be the best superhero game ever: Spider-Man for the PS4.
6) Marisa: An Elder Scrolls game. While I have played Oblivion (I only remember the beginning though), Skyrim would probably be a better option because of its expansive number of mods to download.
5) Alice: The Sims. You basically control semi-sentient dolls in those games.
4) Koakuma: I wouldn't know. Almost everything is fanon in regards to anything relating to her, except a short description by ZUN that only says that she's troublesome and mischievous like a fairy. I don't get into fanon much anyway, and at this point I've been researching video games relating to characters' traits (from little to no avail) for 80 minutes so I'm just moving on.
3) Yuuka: Plants vs. Zombies. Sounds fitting.
2) Nitori: Probably Minecraft because of its various engineering elements.

And finally, my favorite.
1) Okuu: Probably the easiest answer for me, which is the Fallout series. I mean, it's all about a post-apocalyptic wasteland caused by the Cold War never ending, resulting in total nuclear annihilation. It was also once my favorite game of all time, so I could be by her side, guiding her through it all. Ok I need to stop before I fangirl about her all day. And to stop fantasizing about being her girlfriend



- Play Angels of Death with Yumemi and Muse (Seihou) in order to show them how cruel the characters of the game are, and how rotten the people of the modern times (such as the characters in the game) are compared to the people of the past who values traditional moralities. (But also partially for the church-themed stage in that game)
- Play a city-building / political simulation game with Miko, since she is based on a historical political figure.
- Play Touken Ranbu with Youmu because the game is about handsome swordsmen guys who represents Japanese swords in history.
- Play Fate / EXTRA or Fate / Extella with Remilia since it somewhat reminds her of her supposed heritage...
- Trolling your friends in Minecraft Co-Op mode with Yukari by making her put up several Nether / End portals and have them enter it, only to have Yukari smashing the portals right after they enter it.
- Also play Minecraft with Momoyo / Keiki because obvious.

Hope this sounds interesting!


--- Quote from: KharaPlz on January 15, 2022, 10:43:42 AM ---NOTE: Plz don't be angry at me because i discuss about Seihou in MoTK. You know, Seihou is distantly related to Touhou since IIRC ZUN works on it. It also has several similarities with Touhou.
--- End quote ---

Dude, I won't be angry with you! Because Seihou is basically an offshoot of Touhou, but it's not big or popular enough to have its own forum like Len'en, I'm certain this is the best place to discuss it. I even had to revert a few edits on the Touhou Wiki made by someone who apparently thinks it shouldn't have Seihou information. I'm also one of those people who thinks things like Seihou need more love, so I'm totally cool with you mentioning Seihou here. Hell, I'm even glad that you're making a Seihou fangame! A Seihou fangame!! Those are three words I never thought I'd see together before I read this thread! Bonus points since your fangame is inspired by Deltarune, which I bet is going to be my favorite indie RPG when it's finished. You go, big guy or girl!

But enough of that. Here's my ACTUAL contribution to the thread: (I hope it's okay that some of these characters aren't my absolute favorites.)

* Because Kasen Ibaraki has the ability to guide animals, I'd LOVE to play Pokémon with her. (Pokémon is actually my second favorite game series behind Touhou.)
* In terms of specific Pokémon games, I bet Tenshi Hinanawi would be interested in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team because the plot of that game is all about natural disasters, just like SWR.
* I'd play Portal with Yukari Yakumo for obvious reasons, but also to see if she could manipulate the boundary between Touhou and Portal so she can show up as a character in that game and both cheat through the puzzles and troll GLaDOS.
* Yuuma Toutetsu would probably love the Kirby series, because Yuuma and Kirby basically have the same ability (absorbing anything and making it their own power).
* For today's Seihou-related thing, I want to see Erich play Kirby: Planet Robobot, because the dynamic between Erich and his daughter Vivit is STRIKINGLY similar to the dynamic between President Haltmann and his daughter Susie: both scientists here founded companies that tried to make a scientific revolution (Erich wants to harness cactus power and Haltmann wanted to achieve eternal prosperity by invading other planets), and both their daughters got lost in another dimension after a scientific accident.
As is usual for these threads, I'm going to edit this post with more ideas if nobody else posts in-between.


--- Quote ---Bonus points since your fangame is inspired by Deltarune, which I bet is going to be my favorite indie RPG when it's finished. You go, big guy or girl!

--- End quote ---

Yeah, my fangame is inspired by not only Deltarune, but also Genshin Impact (which is like a fad right now) and magical girl anime such as Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure.

And plus despite I am a girl IRL, feel free to call me they / them since I like gender anonymity online.

BONUS (moar):
- Play Undertale with Eiki, so that she will know the black-and-white morality seen in that game (namely the routes of Pacifist, Neutral and Genocide)
- Play any of the Saints Row games with any of the animal mafia characters (Yachie, Saki, Yuuma), since Saints Row is basically a game series about a crime gang, albeit might or might not be a big organized crime gang.
- Play any of the Persona games with Sumireko, since Persona is a game series filled to the brim with esoteric references (including tarot, psychology, and religious themes)
- Play any of the games in the Pretty Rhythm series with the Prismriver sisters (might or might include Raiko as their bandmate) since Pretty Rhythm series is a game series revolving around idols and music.
- Play Counter-Strike or Team Fortress 2 with Gates (Seihou) because as far as I know, his clothing kinda reminds me of a military shooter / sniper.

Hope you found them interesting!

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