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[Art] Custom Danmakufu Sprites+Graphics by Felis-Licht

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--- Quote from: Python on February 22, 2020, 02:21:28 PM ---Oh, your knives looked so tiny I wouldn't have guessed that's what they were supposed to be. Their curved shape is more reminisicent of the PCB sword bullets used predominantly by Youmu and Yuyuko, if anything. And yes, this is a significant improvement over the first version!

--- End quote ---
They're actually modeled after those ones funnily enough.

--- Quote from: SilSinn9801 on February 22, 2020, 04:54:41 PM ---Felis-Licht, have you once considered doing PC-98-type (or at least PC-98-stylish) field sprites?

--- End quote ---
I haven't unfortunately.

Some progress on Miko's sprites, mainly the shots:

This is a mock up, but can be customized to whatever suits you 8)
Reference is from someone else's concept of her shots that I'm modeling mine off of with some differences. Also a custom hitbox sprite~

EDIT: Miko Kokunai is finally complete! :'D Included on her sheet in the OP are sprites for two shot options:

Miko A: Kunai Knife (Spell Presentation: Purple Stone)
Miko B: Needle Rain (Spell Presentation: Lunar Incense)

Per how Nansei Project is, there's no correct way to present the spells so anyone is free to customize it in any way they wish (also applies to my sprites in general) :D

A small update, mainly for the Nansei sprites: I forgot to include the hitbox!

I also made a palette variant of Miko Kokunai and her bombs based on an unused design of hers, perfect for a phantasmagoria-like script:

I unfortunately hadn't had much time to work on the others as I've been busy with RL and got (non-sprite) commissions to do. But once I find the time I'll get back on it.

Your sprites are really good! I PM'd you.

Update: added some more custom bullets and did some slight revisions to my sheet in the OP~


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