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Made a very silly game about Marisa eating and getting addicted to mushrooms...


It's very short and very stupid but it was great programming practice, which was the intention. I've never made a game before so I took a property I liked (Touhou) and just went with it. This is what I came up with...

Don't take it too seriously. It was a learning experience. :meiling:

Played thru, it was a pretty nice 20 minutes, i ended up brute forcing reimu's last spell card.

chinese propaganda, 4th wall breaks, exploding fumos, i'd say your kusoge is better than most kusoge

Thank you my man. The feedback is very appreciated.

never played it, but it's a creative idea. Hey maybe make a game where reimu shakes out the cash money out of everyone, and shion is the final boss lolz


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