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Re: Foul Detective Satori web-manga discussion thread.
« Reply #60 on: June 30, 2023, 04:16:45 AM »
Bit late, but new Foul Detective Satori chapter 28 out

Super straightforward chapter this time, as it seems we're closing on the end of the Myouren temple arc. The title of the arc refering to the underground actually made me think for a bit that there might be a chance that there'll be something that'll connect or bring us back to the underground, but the way things look it doesn't seem so

Regarding the possessed person this time, it turns out to be Kyouko. The manga's monthly release kinda made me forget some of the information, and I actually forgot that Kyouko actually appeared in this arc at all, lol. Anyway, the lack of Kyouko among the people worried about Byakuren (among the Myourenji people present in the premises in this arc) does indeed seems kinda sus considering the fact that Myourenji people kinda care about her a lot.

Mystery series generally require a bit of straightforwardness and obviousness in their reveals, so I for one appreciate that there is some logic / explanation behind why Kyouko is the one possessed, explanation that is somewhat consistent with the lack of screentime after the important happening AND already observable (or rather, her being unobservable) in previous chapters. While it would be undoubtedly much more exciting to deduce an actual willing accomplice than some poor sap being controlled without them being aware, imo this is much more preferable than stuff like Kaguya being freaking possessed offscreen in a location we weren't introduced to in the manga and apparently outrunning a flying Reimu straight to Eientei in order to let the plot take place. But speaking of straightforward and obvious, another big thing that is a part of the mystery genre is the part where the big bad reveal their motive : while we know it's a grudge against Gensokyo, actually hearing it from the horse's mouth seems much more appropriate to me.

Although the unexpected thing this time to me was the fact that the possessed Kyouko was trapped and confused by the weird restriction surrounding Myouren temple, which means that it's unlikely that she set up the barrier herself (She might consistently be painting a giant target on her back, but is probably not dumb enough to shoot herself in the foot like that). So, as far as barrier-proficient people that are not confused nor trapped inside Myourenji goes, it's probably got to be Yukari, who I coincidentally forgot made an appearance super-early on in this arc too.

So imo, here's what's going on :
- Yukari probably set up the barrier out of being tired of the BadHu's shenanigans
- Yukari enlisted Flandre's help and sent her to Myourenji to help deal with said source of shenanigans
- Yukari sent Satori there too cuz gap are a much superior means of transportation compared to piggybacks and Satori kinda need her getback for what happened in the bamboo forest AND not look like a fool detective by finally getting a proper confrontation

As for what's gonna happen, either BadHu gets sorted there and then, or she plays a trump card that allows her to get into the next TD arc. I actually think she's gonna get away with it again since we don't seem like we're getting that proper Reimu faceoff yet. And while Satori is supposedly the main character this time, imo we still need BadHu to tell Reimu what her beef with her is, plus the ass whooping that she's long had coming her way.

A few additionnal takeaways :
- Only noticed this upon reread, but this Nazrin DOES have new drip and an especially big bow
- More battle manga action sequences
- Marisa's broom reality check. No seriously what did she expect
- Kyouko REALLY in need of some exorcism right now, probably needs the uncute beaten out of her

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Re: Foul Detective Satori web-manga discussion thread.
« Reply #61 on: September 28, 2023, 06:05:43 PM »
New chapter 29 is out after some weird kind of pause

Later chapters various Touhou mangas kinda have this weird tendency of changing into a battle manga (which is especially weird for this initially shoujo / mystery kinda manga), and such is the case for this chapter (and the previous one) as it set up a fight between Reimu, Byakuren and Shou vs Flan.

Chapter's very straightforward but surprisingly leaves room for speculation, for example regarding the mist and the help that Kyoukozuchi speculate Satori to be waiting for (just Flandre or someone else ?) ; pluus the ending with a suspicious looking Satori (possessed or not)

It's gonna be pretty embarrassing if Satori actually got possessed imo cuz that's another fail to add to her list of non-accomplishements in this manga, but the fact that she approaches Marisa (decidedly Mizuchi's favorite possession target) kinda leads me to put my stocks on the "yeah she's possessed" side of speculations

Myouren temple arc is coming to a close, but I feel like we haven't learned anything new or substantial regarding Mizuchi's motivations and plans : I'm kinda hoping that next chapters gonna clarify these else next arc is gonna have virtually the SAME beginning as the IN, MoF, and UFO arc have. I'll take anything 2hu, but even I would like to see quality writing instead of this particular formula for this manga. Slow pace + early chapters of new arcs having nothing happening is kinda unimpressive tbh.

Bunch of takeaways :
-Already in previous chapters, but damn, Marisa. Blood on my 2hu ? Yikes.
-Shou's one chance at getting some action in over a decade gets divided by 3
-Flandre looking more threatening than 2 big shots (+ Shou) for some reason ?

Also a bit unrelated, but fun Flandre fact : she HAS a spell card called "Scarlet Nihility" that she uses in her Route A ending in 17.5 : this means that she's the ONLY character who's got a named attack that's neither illustrated nor can be played in a game : since we are getting actual action / fight scenes, I'm kinda crossing my fingers to see if we're gonna get it in this manga (not likely, I know) or have some other kind of spell card.


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Re: Foul Detective Satori web-manga discussion thread.
« Reply #62 on: November 30, 2023, 06:03:41 AM »
Been a little while since I posted on here.

The last few chapters were great and it has the most action we had in an official manga ever.

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Re: Foul Detective Satori web-manga discussion thread.
« Reply #63 on: December 30, 2023, 07:56:55 PM »
Somewhat late, but we're done with the Myouren temple happenstance into what seems to be an introduction of sorts to what's gonna happen next time and who's gonna take part in it. I actually feel like the plot is about to make a signifiant progress with this chapter, so here's hoping

The new chapter 32(?) reveal that Miss Miyadeguchi is in fact related to the Hakurei Shrine, so that's a W for the guys who expressed theories that goes around these lines, and she is now trapped in the underworld as the various entrances that lead there got sealed after she got sent there.

Now strictly speaking, with the villain clearly identified and more or less sent to prison, it can be said that there are no more real stake at hand here, but the main girls JUST have to be petty and really, REALLY seem like they are going to break through the underground's seal and go to Miss Miyadeguchi cuz they need that getback

I quite like the fact that we're bringing the girls from the previous arcs for this, but it seems to me like we're decidedly going the battle manga route. Now, we've had SO MUCH slice of life stuff in this series to the point where I've managed my expectations and seek out excitement in other series : I quite like NON slice of life stuff as far as touhou goes, but at the same time it seems like an unusual direction to take for this initially mystery manga. I have a remark on that aspect that I'm gonna save for a final review when this manga is completed.

I guess we still need that exposition from Miss Miyadeguchi and hopefullly, HOPEFULLY make use of the opportunity that she presents to get a window to peer into the backstory of Gensokyo.

Minor takeaways :
- Satori showing the MOST skin in the entirety of this series
- Remilia's very cool and sharp look, in comparison to her previous girly (and I assume very pink) one
- Flandre and her own way of being considerate ?
- Reimu, Remilia and Sakuya showing the cutest smile when thinking about absolutely trouncing someone


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Re: Foul Detective Satori web-manga discussion thread.
« Reply #64 on: December 31, 2023, 02:22:47 PM »
I mean, they said they couldn't be sure that they blocked off every exit, but seeing what Reimu's doing makes me think they're not going to go the "she somehow found a way out" route.

Also, is it bad that my first thought when I read this was "Poor Parsee, she's now out of a job"? She's my favourite character, but she hasn't even appeared in this, so I guess it's sorta odd that I'm thinking about her...

I'm glad, however, that we finally have some backstory for Mizuchi, even if it's only vague now I'm hoping this is a sign that we'll soon be getting more information about her and her exact motives.