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Foul Detective Satori web-manga discussion thread.
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And here's a thread for Cheating Fool Detective Satori.

Since this is a free web-comic, it's being translated by DB Scans and here's their Tumblr and MangaDex page:

For the official Japanese links, here they are:

Enjoy some Satori action!

I find this manga quite interesting too. We got to see some Flandre dialogue and personalization for the first time in years. Not only that, Satori will finally interact outside The Palace of Earth Spirit according to Chapter 3 Part 1. Exciting!

Also, we also have a manga that put Zun's love for mystery novels into his own universe. About time!

Also, no spoiler tags yet lol
So...both Sakuya and Patchouli are the culprits, for the same thing but with two different victims? What the hell is going on?
R. P. Genocraft:
And apparently Sakuya isn't aware of it, but Patchouli seems to be?
This is such a mindfire truck lol
Satori confirms that they are the culprits. The fact that Sakuya and patchouli have no recollection of what went wrong...
So much mysteries. Exciting! Already hyped for next month lol.

The tea pourring from Meiling on page 9 is laready becoming a meme:
Suspicious person:
Oh wow, there are people who care about this manga  :o

This manga is definitely not a heavy weight like WaHH or FS when it comes to world building, but I believe it's going to be the series that provides more characterization and screentime for ancient 2hus of the past. It also seems to bring its fair share of memes such Reimu slapping Meiling (kinda hot) or Meiling's stylish way of pouring tea

Regarding the ongoing Scarlet Devil Mansion arc, the involvement of the Earth Palace people really makes me think that the whole thing with Sakuya not remembering doing bad stuff might be caused by her being possessed by some kind of evil spirit that managed to escape to the surface, a happening that may nicely tie in with the current issue regarding Hell's management being in total chaos (it could be brought up in this series). The confusion for me stems from the fact that Flandre absolutely missing from the latest chapter 4.1, or whatever the hell the numerotation is supposed to work, and the fact that Patchouli seems to have done something that's not very nice to Meiling. Totally speculating here, but maaaaaayyyyyybe she used Meiling as a guinea pig of sorts to figure out what was done to her ? After all, it's not the first time that Patchouli has used someone from the SDM as a Guinea pig (in SWR for example)...

Anyway, I find the short chapters combined with them coming out monthly and the necessity to have some kind of setup for the more mystery based story makes for a VERY slow paced series.

I initially tought that this manga came out as a way of getting people to pay attention the Touhou website (cuz official stuff will always be paid attention), but I believe it's got some stuff going on for it that should make it interesting to look out for, be it the potential memes or the additional characterisation (super late ones *cough*Flan*cough* but hey, still count)
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