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CAVE is making a Touhou game
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Branneg Xy:

--- Quote from: Suspicious person on July 16, 2022, 08:46:07 PM ---https://gamebiz.jp/news/352975

While no details about the game is out, it is confirmed at the very least that CAVE is working together with Nada HD (whoever they are) to make a Touhou smartphone game.

So yeah, that ship's sailed so no use complaining about it. Out of all the smartphones games to be released, CAVE's announcement is about the only one that hasn't given us much info about what it's gonna be, not even some kind of PV nor even an illustration. Aside from the general consensus that it's probably gonna be a shmup kind-of game, there's no much detail to go aside from it coming out this year 2022.

Dunno much about these fellahs that the CAVE folks are working with, so can't speculate on what is gonna happen for this release.

--- End quote ---

(Google Translated) : " また、ナダHDが保有する技術、ノウハウ、知見を活用し、アジア圏を始めとした海外マーケットにおける需要を取り込み、事業の拡大を図ることも目的と明かした。/ (Subject: The CAVE company) It also revealed that it aims to expand its business by utilizing the technology, know-how, knowledge possessed by Nada HD to capture demand in overseas markets such as the Asian region.".
By that description it seems " Nada HD " is some sort of well-built Japanese digital-distribution marketing & research & advertising  agency (?) .
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