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Minor Existence Quest

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>There are many beings in Gensokyo, some cause an incredible impact on the world, while others just exist with no impact either in life or in death, like driftwood.
>You are the latter, or at least similar. You can't say you've ever made a large impact in Gensokyo, or any personal lives for that matter. You could say that your Existence is Minor.

>But you don't want to be less than a footnote in a book, you want to rise from an insignificant status and be known to Gensokyo! If not the entirety of Gensokyo then at least a small part of it! Yes, that is your ambition. It’s vain, but you need something to push you, and fame sounds like a good place to start.

>But First: What are you?

>Fairy: An entity representing an aspect of nature. You like playing pranks and overall goofing off, but you know when to get serious. You want to create a name for yourself, and make that name known to everyone in your area! And maybe even farther than that!

>Divine Spirit: …Well you are not really a Divine Spirit, but people don’t need to know that. Some people call your kind Yokurei or Zokurei, A greedy spirit born from desires. But you want to shed that title and become a god, an established one, and drink in that wonderful Faith you’ve been starved of. Part of that requires being well-known.

>Beast Youkai: A type of youkai. You have abilities reminiscent of your originating species and don’t like it when your kind get hurt, if your name gets around then you and none of your kind will be hurt. That’s a good plus that fame comes with. What beast are you, anyway?

>Write In: …Oh you’re something never seen before? That ought to make you stand out. You’ll take Gensokyo by storm at this rate.

#Okay this is the first time I've ever written anything, so I hope this goes well or I can improve.


>Beast Youkai


#Ooh, one thing I should've noted. If you choose Beast Youkai, you can choose what beast you originate from. If the votes don't specify or if the Species of beasts reach a tie, then the type of Beast will be chosen at random between the votes given.



>Beast Youkai


--- Quote from: Philosopher on June 12, 2021, 07:22:26 PM --->Beast Youkai

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--- Quote from: NucleusWaffles on June 12, 2021, 03:19:52 PM --->Beast Youkai

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#Beast Youkai was chosen with no specification, random species it is.

>Your insignificant existence is set.
>You are a Beast Youkai.
>You wake up in the Youkai Mountains.
>You've been here for a while. You don't bother anyone here, so none of Tengu or Kappa bother you.
>Though, for some reason you're attracted to this place. Like this feels like your natural habitat.
>You seem to be in a small clearing with almost no-one and nothing except trees around you.

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