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An Out of Context Incident

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>...How big was our bosom supposed to be!?
>Do we not have wings normally? What species of fae are we, for that matter? An actual fairy, or one of the other types of Fair Folk lumped under the term (Elves, pixies, leprechauns, the youkai equivalents, etc.)?
>Our lord? Who is he?
>What land do we hail from?
>Wait... We died? How and why?

>Checking your head you find no halo.

>You remember the warrior of the human king, that your lord had sent his servants to vex, seeing you die.  You can't be sure if any of the other servants saw your death.

>Your bosom was bigger than a handful.  A C to D size if you remember the human measurements from after your revival.
>You normally don't have wings
>You are a Sidhe.  Normally you look human though a bit ugly and short.

>You served Lord Bree, a minor Lord in England.
>Originally you lived in Ireland, but moved to England to find work.

>You died when that warrior of the local human lord stabbed you with an iron sword.  Even after all this time you can feel the fairy magic that clung to him.
>You're not a hundred percent sure on the why.
-> It may have to do with Lord Bree having the servants and you glamour the human lord so that saw food that wasn't there and real food looked and tasted of garbage.
->It may have been because you took food from human homes.
->Perhaps, it was because the humans that chanced upon your lord's parties danced themselves to death.

>The human lord's offense against lord Bree eludes you.

>Are we one of those fae varieties that have a crippling weakness to iron?
>What was Lord Bree like? Is he a Sidhe like us?
>How odd does the sensation of wings feel? Could we get used to this?
>Why were we messing with the human lord's food? Was it simple mischief or did the humans do something to deserve such action in retribution?
>>What is our opinion of humanity?

>What does the singing sound like? Are the lyrics in a recognizable language?
>On that note, what languages do we understand aside from English and possibly Gaelic and/or Irish? What is our level of comprehension (Read only? Fluent speaking? Basic phrases and vocab?)?
>Do we hear any running water or see any ponds or puddles in the vicinity?
>>If so approach and observe our reflection if we are able.

>What year is it anyway?

>Iron is poisonous and deadly to you and makes it impossible to use your magic if your touching it.

>Lord Bree paid well in gold coins and tended to attend events in Avalon.  He was always careful to maintain his reputation and was pleasant to be around as long as you obey the rules of etiquette.
>Thinking on the subject you think that Lord Bree had taken offense at the human lord traveling through Lord Bree’s territory without a gift or permission.
>Lord Bree was a Fey like Morgan Le Fey.

>Now that you realize that they are there you can feel the air against them when they flap involuntarily, but you can’t feel the weight of them.
→Surprisingly, they feel familiar.  It won’t be difficult to get use to your wings.

>Your voice is naturally high pitched.
->Only the most talented of humans can compare to your singing and with glamour your able to almost hypnotize humans like a siren.
–>You know several songs in old Fey, English, French, and Irish.

>You can read and write in Irish.
>English and French you understand well, but you cannot write in these.
>You know some phrases of Chinese
>Finally you know a few words of Dutch, Finnish, and old Fey.

>Humanity is weird. 
>You have no compulsion against stealing from them, but they would need to slight you for you really want hurt them.  If a human helped you, you would happily reward them. 
>What you find weird about them is that they came from before the world like Titania and Mab and humans are also called the children of the gods.  There are rumors that in sufficient numbers they can alter reality like the gods and in the East they give life to their tools.

>You faintly hear the sound of splashing.
>Sweat drips down your face as you come to a small pond fed by a brook.

>Fairies are swimming and splashing each other.

>You approach the pond and look down.
>Despite the ripples you can see your reflection clearly.
->Looking back at you is a child with insect wings.
–>Your reflection looks just like the fairies that are playing.

>Picking up your hair you notice it isn’t the natural red you were use to instead it was a bright (Please pick a hair color)

> “Oy, weren’t you going to play tag with Cirno and the others?”  A fairy with violet hair calls out to you.

>2261 A.D. or 206 G.R.*

*Great Revival, an event where many of the dead from history were brought back, both named and unnamed.

Spoiler: Simple sundress without pockets


Spoiler: Get your breasts back

Find out why you have wings

Find out where you are

Spoiler: Glamour: You can alter any of the senses of an individual even yourself.  It can also effect an object's appearance.  Especially good for altering the taste of your food.  You were required to use this to make yourself presentable for your lord.


Luck Manipulation

Flight: As long as you can speak you can utter the spell for flight

Various spells that a maid might use.  Examples include warming tea, making yourself seem more dignified, and making dust vanish.
Spoiler: Maid duties

Sewing and knitting

Fae court manners



Recognizing working human relics and selling them

Many musical instruments excluding guitar, xylophone, and drums


--- Quote from: Philosopher on May 15, 2021, 09:34:11 PM --->Your voice is naturally high pitched.
->Only the most talented of humans can compare to your singing and with glamour your able to almost hypnotize humans like a siren.
–>You know several songs in old Fey, English, French, and Irish.

--- End quote ---
//Was asking about this, not our own singing.

--- Quote from: Philosopher on May 15, 2021, 03:11:54 AM --->Ahead you can hear singing.

--- End quote ---
//The info about our own signing is still good to know I suppose.


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