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What non-Touhou things remind you of Touhou?
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15 years in this fandom has overlayed so much of my perception of such everyday things as yin-yang orbs, witches, and the number 9.

Not that I'm complaining ofc
Here's something else about Pokémon SwSh that I forgot to put in the original post here: You know the whole "Gym Leader Bea is Galarian Youmu Konpaku" thing that popped up when she and Allister were revealed? Well, since I played Shield rather than Sword, I didn't get to fight Galarian Youmu, but I did get to fight Galarian Letty Whiterock, a.k.a. Gym Leader Melony. Why is Melony Letty? Well, besides the ice association, she's kinda plump in terms of physique, which reminds me of the "fat Letty" meme, and in the postgame where you have to fight Dynamaxed Pokémon in each of the gyms, the one in Melony's gym is a Froslass. You know, the yuki-onna Pokémon?

And going further with the Youmu association, the Isle of Armor update told us that Dojo Master Mustard was the former Fighting-type Gym Leader, which probably means he was the predecessor to Bea. That made me think that Mustard must be Galarian Youki Konpaku! Crazy to think about, huh?

EDIT: Oh, and now, a while after I first made this post, I found out that in the Japanese version of the Pokémon: Twilight Wings anime, Allister (a.k.a. Galarian Youmu's ghost half) is voiced by Ryo Hirohashi. Most people probably know her for voicing Miles "Tails" Prower, but I know her more for voicing Youmu in Koumajou Densetsu 2. The Youmu connections never stop!

But enough of that for now. Here's something not Pokémon-related: in Mario Party 2's Horror Land, there's a couple of instruments standing by one of the paths in the board. They're a piano, a violin and a trumpet, and at nighttime, they start playing by themselves. It's almost as if they're being played by a trio of poltergeists... (Though this one is more Hilarious in Hindsight, since Mario Party 2 predates PCB by 4 years.)
There was that one Bugs Bunny meme with him wearing a formal suit. When I just saw it recently, my mind immediately went to Reisen.
Kind of the opposite, but when I first heard Sanae's MoF theme, "Faith is for the Transient People", that first part reminded me of the main theme for Sonic Unleashed. I don't think I'll ever be able to hear the theme from the game where Sonic turns into a werewolf the same again.
Just finished an anime called Kill la Kill (and if you're gonna watch it, be prepared for moderate fan-service). The main character, Ryuko Matoi, looks almost exactly like a certain character in Touhou. Furthermore, the anime came out about 2 months after the Touhou game with said similar character came out about 2 months before the debut of this anime. And if you're wondering that Kill La Kill came first because the manga usually comes out before the anime, this anime was an original work.

Anyway, look at this:
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