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What non-Touhou things remind you of Touhou?
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Wait I thought that Allister looks more like genderbend Galarian Satori Komeiji + Hata no Kokoro?

Here's the explanation why I think so:

-Both Allister and Satori rarely interacts with people (or even their peers, except for certain non-human beings that people usually afraid of (in Satori's case, she befriends youkai animals, while that Allister seems to befriend ghosts of deceased Pokemon at cemeteries)). Also, both are 4th bosses of their respective games. The attire of Satori and Allister is somewhat similar (minus the differences between the pants and the skirt and the frilly things on the shirt): long-sleeved shirts with wide sleeves.

-For the Kokoro part, Allister's color scheme is pretty similar to one of Hata no Kokoro's alternate color palettes in the fighting games. Also, both are associated with masks, and is almost never seen without a mask on.

Thinking of Allister as Galarian Myon is pretty weird, especially when there are two readily-available characters in Touhou that already shares a lot of similarities with him.
Hope you found this useful.
I really don't think that thinking of Allister as Galarian Myon is weird at all - he's the Ghost-type user and version counterpart to Galarian Youmu (who being a Fighting-type user is comparable to the real Youmu's martial prowess), why shouldn't he be thought of as Myon?

And you thinking of Allister as Kokoro is kinda a stretch - having to look at an alternate palette to find visual similarities is weird; and why do you say "Kokoro is almost never seen without a mask on" when you can ALWAYS see her face?

You do make a good point with Allister being comparable to Satori, but I would've been more likely to think that if Allister was a Psychic-type user rather than a Ghost-type user.
Goomba98, actually this is based on my justifications:

- While Kokoro's face can be seen unlike Allister, in fact like Allister, she is almost never seen without wearing a mask on her head's side, akin to how Allister is almost never seen without a mask on in public. Also, Kokoro is a menreiki, which can equates to a tsukumogami of masks, and tsukumogami are classified as "ghosts" by Western standards, thus probably forms another link between her and Allister.

- Also, both Satori and Allister are short people (Satori is depicted as such in fan works due to her awkwardly "short" arms). Also note that her pet Rin also seen carrying around a wagon of vengeful spirits, thus forming another distant link to Allister.

I know that most of the fanbase associated him with the Myon, but believe me, I don't want to associate him with that since the sight of a wispy BLOB with a creepy mask and bobbed hair is too much for me to handle.

Please don't be mad at me for this. This is just my opinions on him and his associations with Touhou characters.
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