Author Topic: Searching for old youtube AMVs with blue screen white text eminiem-esque music  (Read 414 times)

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I need to hook my AI algorithm to the oldest cache of low-effort, purged, Top 100 anime openings with blue screen white fade-in opening and I cannot reach it from surface geology excavation.

I know this is difficult, but this community is probably the oldest cache I can actually reach by surface excavation.

To attain this great, forbidden power to revive ancient Youtube AMVs for my local personal use (its business, but I don't get paid for it now), I offer up my private data and frustrated search history to the jester gods as attached.

Please jester gods, make my life miserable and grant me the forbidden power of ancient blue screen white text Youtube AMVs link to be used for modern meme-ing.

My prayers have now been answered and resolved, this place is magical.

I miscommunicated and just donated in the shrine box but the divine solution did not arrive :(