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--- Quote from: Hazama Yuutou on April 03, 2021, 04:47:54 AM ---Hi! I know it's not said or specified in the listings, but if you guys ever need help in the artwork aspect of things, I can extend my hand. I can certainly be a backup artist.
I specifically do portrait artwork for the style, but I can also do other things if needed. Here's some of the recent work I've done:

I can also do fullbodies, but for the sake of not clogging my post with images, I'll have these be hyperlinks instead.

If you don't need the extra art help, that's ok! I do hope you guys get what you need, I've been seriously looking forward to your fangame.  :heart:

--- End quote ---

Oh!!! I have seen your work on twitter before!
Your take on ZUN's style is pretty great and I'd definitely welcome you on the team! It'd be a huge help in the development process, since I've been doing all of the ZUN styled art in the game by myself, so I'd really appreciate that!
Thank you so much for reaching out! Feel free to send me a DM on Twitter or on Discord if you wanna join! (tags are in my MoTK profile) :heart:


--- Quote from: VanIsBadAtNames on April 03, 2021, 02:36:50 AM ---This is really cool. We do need more PC-98 styled fangames out there. I remember thinking this was cancelled, so it's great to see that not only is it not cancelled but we're also getting a demo at SAGE this year.

If you're looking for someone to translate from English to Japanese I could point you towards Gilde. They're responsible for several other Japanese translations of Western fangames, including Glory of Deep Skies, Unification of the Artful Rain, and Servants of Harvest Wish among others. You can find them on Twitter at @stellarcanopy

Like Lumi said above me this forum is sadly kind of dead nowadays. I'd recommend promoting your game on the Discord servers she mentioned. In addition, try to distribute the demo at places other than SAGE. Most people in the Touhou fangame community don't really expect to find any at SAGE, and the release will likely be overshadowed by other, more popular fan projects such as Sonic Legends.

Good luck on this project, I truly hope it goes well.

--- End quote ---

Thank you for the reply!
The project has been revived early this year and we're doing our best to release a trial version of the game and finally bring it back to life.
Thank you for also suggesting me a translator for the project! I'll also be doing my best to promote the game in more places to get the project more attention. The advantage of publishing it in SAGE is that it is a big event that gives a lot of exposure to indie projects aside from Sonic, but it's kind of a gamble, so publishing it in other places is definitely something I should be doing. :sweat:

Oh man, I wish I wasn't so late to seeing this.
I'm really looking forward to this.  SAGE 2021 is definitely something I'll be keeping my eyes on this year  :notes:

Woah, this is interesting and unique!

I'll be sure to check out this 'SAGE' thing!

(First time posting, by the way!)

Sorry if this sounds naggy, but I've noticed it's past August 21, the time when SAGE 2021 supposedly happened, and you haven't updated this thread, and a cursory look at your uploads on SFGHQ doesn't seem to have revealed anything new either. Did you forget about this project?


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