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Hi, everyone. This is just a copypasted thread from old MoTK.

This is where I will release my CtC style sprites I've made over the past few years (and to be made in the future)
These sprites are free to use for Touhou Danmakufu and other non-profit projects.

Download Link

You can navigate to the respective game's folder for individual sprites, or download the entire pack at once.
I will occasionally update it and post notifications in this thread.

Here is the list of the sprites in the folder as of currently.

--- Quote ---Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream
Kana Anaberal

Touhou 5: Mystic Square

Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom
Letty Whiterock
Lily White [Added moving animation]
Lunasa Prismriver
Lyrica Prismriver
Merlin Prismriver

Touhou 8: Imperishable Night
Keine Kamishirasawa (Human Form)
Keine Kamishirasawa (Were-Hakutaku Form)

Touhou 13: Ten Desires
Yoshika Miyako
Seiga Kaku
Soga no Tojiko
Toyosatomimi no Miko
Toyosatomimi no Miko (HM/ULiL outfit)

Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character
Benben Tsukumo
Yatsuhashi Tsukumo
Raiko Horikawa

Touhou 15: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Doremy Sweet
Sagume Kishin
Junko(Auraless) w/ separate Aura
Hecatia Lapislazuli (Spirit World Form)
Hecatia Lapislazuli (Earth Form)
Hecatia Lapislazuli (Moon Form)

Touhou 16: Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Eternity Larva
Nemuno Sakata
Aunn Komano
Narumi Yatadera
Mai Teireida
Satono Nishida
Okina Matara

Touhou 17: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
Eika Ebisu
Urumi Ushizaki
Kutaka Niwatari
Yachie Kicchou
Keiki Haniyasushin

Touhou 18: Unconnected Marketeers
Mike Goutokuji
Takane Yamashiro [*TEMP]
Sannyo Komakusa [*TEMP]
Misumaru Tamatsukuri
Tsukasa Kudamaki [*TEMP] (new!)
Megumu Iizunamaru [*TEMP] (new!)
Chimata Tenkyuu [*TEMP] (new!)
Momoyo Himemushi [*TEMP] (new!)

Touhou 19: Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost
Hisami Yomotsu (new!)

Spinoffs (Fighter/Photo/etc)
Hatate Himekaidou
Sumireko Usami
Joon Yorigami
Shion Yorigami
Yuuma Toutetsu

Print Works and Music CDs
Watatsuki no Toyohime
Watatsuki no Yorihime
Maribel Hearn
Renko Usami
Kasen Ibaraki

Fan-made Games (I'm not going to do this one often, unless only some special occasion. Also no request on this please)
Nezu Akitsu (from BoSM)
Fuma Mishandra (from BoSM)

[*TEMP]: The character in question does not have an attack and spellcard casting pose yet, and will be updated sometime in the future.

If you have a question,please send me PM or ask in this thread.
--- End quote ---

Feel free to post requests here(only official character please), however, there is no guaranteed that I'll do your request.
Please note that I don't have much free time, and it might take a while to sprites something so please do not rush.
I always checked comments from time to time, even if I don't reply, please acknowledged that I took note of everything here.

Until next time,
Happy Scripting, everyone!

All sprites made by me, Kirbio.
(Unless stated otherwise, please see Credits.txt in the Drive for more information.)
Please do not claim as your own.
Credits can be given but not needed

It's about time to finally repost this thread, huh?
Today is a good day.

This update isn't really significant.
I was hoping to finish TH17 cast before today but I was too busy.
But at least I managed to get Day0 sprites done, as per tradition.

Today update includes:

--- Quote ---Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom
Lily White  -> [Added moving animation]

Touhou 17: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
Keiki Haniyasushin

Touhou 18: Unconnected Marketeers
Mike Goutokuji

--- End quote ---

For the remaining TH17 cast, I'm trying my best to finish ASAP. Hopefully I can do an update sometime soon.
Here's the preview of the sprites so far.
Anyways, that's all for now.
Happy scripting, everyone!

Hello, it's been a while.

Unfortunately, I am still quite busy since the last time so I haven't been able to work on the rest of the sprites as much.
But again, I finally did finished the Day 0 sprites so time to update the post, as usual.

Today update includes:

--- Quote ---Touhou 18: Unconnected Marketeers
Takane Yamashiro*
Sannyo Komakusa*
Misumaru Tamatsukuri

--- End quote ---

However. the character with the asterisk is not finished yet. As it was made per a request earlier, it has been finished up to the usable state, but not quite complete. There is still an attacking and spellcard casting pose to be made. Both of them will be completed in the next update, hopefully.

That's all for now, see you all next time!

an anonymous person from bullet hell engines wanted to request a sprite of futo, do you think youd be able to do it?

Hello, everyone. Today is a good day.
Sorry that I haven't still finished all the remaining sprites yet. It has been a very hectic year so far.
Although as usual, I got enough time to squeeze out the Day0 sprites.
So I hope that you guys can find a use for her somehow.

Anyways, today's update only consists of Yuuma Toutetsu from TH17.5 Gouyoku Ibun.
It is a very small update, and I apologize. But hopefully, the rest of TH17 and 18 can follow suit sometime.
I'll try my best to finish them in a timely manner as they are all quite overdue now. Please wait a little bit more!

As usual, please visit the link in the first post to go to the sprites folder.

--- Quote from: Microinterval(s) on August 17, 2021, 11:53:53 PM ---an anonymous person from bullet hell engines wanted to request a sprite of futo, do you think youd be able to do it?

--- End quote ---
Apology for the very late reply, I haven't been keeping track of this forum much, it'd be easier to reach me on Discord.
Although yes, Futo has been a very popular request for a long while and she's currently on my to-do list after I sorted out all the new characters.


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