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Touhou 18: 東方虹龍洞 〜 Unconnected Marketeers (Full release!)
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Official announcement:
https://touhou-project.news/news/3368/  (DeepL machine translation)

Available on Steam!
Suspicious person:
These mainline games announcement keep being so sudden. You know they pretty much come once every two years, but they still get you by surprise. This got my heart to pump blood into my system again. So we're supposed to get 17.5 AND a mainline game demo, aside from that rhythm game mobile game ? Seems like a hefty contribution towards making 2021 a better year.

Can't comment nor speculate on anything in particular, don't see anything to start working on with rainbow, marketeers, dragon cave (?), power of dosh and suspicious stuff inside card. Like what, we got someone who is making a business selling other people's powers ? Or something

Other things :
-Rainy stage 1, aside from "the usual" forest background
-Cliffside of some suspicious place for stage 2, probably youkai mountain cuz we got Sanae ?
-Yellow items seems to get collected slowly like for points items from a bygone era ... do they get spent when you buy item or  having more simply allows you to have access to more items ?
-Kinda curious about how this equipment system is gonna work too : are there gonna be "consumable" items with limited number of uses or all of them are gonna grant some kind of passive boost ? (like for exemple a possible increase in the monies items thanks to the mallet (if it does that like I'd assume))

What I'm most curious of is to see if this game is gonna have some shop system of sorts for buying new equipment ... if it does, I hope it'll be implemented in a way where it doesn't screw the game's pace.
First of all i think ZUN tried to modernize Sakuya's pose from EoSD but the way she holds the knives is very weird and it looks like Reimu is not the only one whose gohei gets longer in each game and Sanae's resembles WBaWC Reimu.

I feel like the game is going to be ISC but as a main game. Also considering Touhou 11-14 has the japanese name being an important location in the game its possible that "Rainbow Dragon Cave" will be the setting of at least stage 4+.
Hopefully Zun calms down on visual effects for this game. In Wily Beast I legit struggled to separate my own attack with enemy attacks. Wolf Reimu was disgusting to use, especially when you had to dodge bullets the same color as your special wolf shot.. When I went back to imperishable night, enemy bullets felt so clear.
Welp, time to buy another Touhou and proceed to not clear it :cirnotan:
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