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Anyone still playing this?

Puzzle & Dragons (aka "PazuDora") is a puzzle/RPG hybrid game for mobile phones originally released in 2012; it is actually the predecessor to basically every mobile games of this ilk (such as Monster Strike), but anyways.

You form teams of five "monsters", each of whom are tied around one of 5 elements; Fire, Water, Wood, Light, and Dark, and these elements are applied to orbs on a 6x5 grid which must be matched in groups of 3 or more. Comparisons to Bejewled can be made here with this puzzle formula. Matching orbs of your monsters' elements will have them attack enemies, who all have weaknesses and strengths to all elements. When you defeat an enemy, you may have a chance to get an egg of that monster which gets added to your inventory, which you can use to fuse to other monsters to power them up, or sell for coins and Monster Points (MP) for later use.

This game is completely free, but uses a "freemium" model in order to make money; In-game, you have coins, and "magic stones". Coins are given to you throughout the game, while magic stones are given at a much slower pace, or can be purchased through in app purchases/"microtransactions" for real cashmoneydollars. These magic stones can be used to roll on various gacha machines to acquire higher level monsters.

The monsters you can acquire can vary based on strength and appearance, and are drawn from various cultures and mythologies, so expect Ancient Greek, Japanese, and Hindu deities fighting with and against you alongside original monsters. There are also crossovers with various franchises, which involves the inclusion of new monsters based on characters from these franchises; some of these crossover franchises in the past included Fist of the North Star, The King of Fighters, Shin Megami Tensei, Groove Coaster, and Street Fighter.

Please check out these P&D sites for detailed strategies and other information!
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  • You better stop,
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Trying this new tabled userlist that I've been sitting on for well over a year. Yellow means +256 hypermax, asterisk* means awakening. PM me if you want to join the list or be removed from it.
UsernameID number Main leaderAdditional leaders
Edible328,945,274 *Bastet*
hyorinryu357,646,299 Sakuya*Perseus
Suikama348,941,282 IsisRa Dragon*
trianguls322,456,235 Awoken LeilanSparkling Kali
Chaore344,844,286 Shiva*Superman
Yukarin394,177,213 Haku*Sakuya*
Jq1790396,049,294 Awoken ShivaAwoken Karin*, Sumire
Pesco328,276,294 Tsukuyomi Dragon*Red Odin*, Xiang Mei
Dibble314,673,283 IsisGreen Odin
KaiserKnuckle (OP)323,897,388 Perseus*Cauchemar*
Matsuri358,689,277 Purple Athena*Tsukuyomi Dragon*
The Greatest Dog359,184,275 Fenrir*Fenrir*, Raoh*
Sacchi385,394,297 Horus*Vishnu*
R.D.J.338,277,280 Awoken ArchLucifer*Minerva*
commandercool312,728,337 Gabriel*Sumire*, Neptune Dragon*
Aoshi398,822,333 School AthenaSakuya*
Conquerer331,616,320 Da Qiao & Xiao QiaoIdunn & Idunna
Moogs Parfait313,455,268 LeilanAmaterasu*
Dorakyura347,957,300 Nephthys*(none)
Bio336,681,244 SakuyaAthena
En351,629,319 Lu BuHaku
moekou329,066,242 Osiris*Pandora
Espadas301,335,377 Tsukuyomi Dragon*Awoken Pandora
Calamity331,737,355 RoniaShiva
Mea380,147,382 Myr*Awoken Pandora*, Awoken Sakuya*
aUsernameIsFineToo347,966,337 Awoken Bastet*Kushinadahime*, Green Odin
Ruka368,034,352 SasukeW/L Idunn & Idunna
Zengar Zombolt309,400,409 SalineBarbara&Julie, Dark Karin
StarlightHawk383,095,393 Awoken VenusSkuld*, Sun Wukong*
qMyon320,092,324 VerdandiSaria
Yomichiyu383,095,393 Awoken DQ&XQShiva Dragon*, Awoken Pandora*
Hikari309,703,434 L/D PolluxAwoken Pollux*, Awoken Idunn & Idunna
blrgh315,523,406 Vishnu*Saria
O4rfish389,956,267 Ilm*Reincarnated Minerva*
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I play sporadically but log in consistently so I'm good for fried support at the very least.
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Woah, I didn't expect this thread to actually revive with the forum shift.
My info up there is still accurate, but of course leaders have changed. Leader 1 is Saline for EXP purposes, else I tend to shift between Ina, Minaka, Dark Karin, Mega Yog, Barbara & Julie and recently I've started to try Valentines Ideal.

Requesting that my information be removed from the table since I don't have access to PM's on this forum and haven't touched this game in a long time.

I wager this game is a lot different from what I remember at this point anyway, so anything I had done before wouldn't matter now.

I wouldn't mind getting back into this, but it feels like the game has changed so much since I left.

I quit playing ages, ago, gave my account to someone here actually. I forget who? I'm guessing Yukarin because Haku's love for my account was the envy of everyone  and having multiples of her with skill ups probably defined my account. How exactly has the game changed? I quit when Athena-killing was current, and Zeus/Hera became the first 7* (or was it 8*?) gods, etc. I wasn't big on how all the new stuff was kinda becoming something like 'do 50 billion damage by turn 1 or lose, and do it again for the next 2 turns or lose).