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Nintendo Direct - 2/17/21

Well, that happened.
Nindendo presentations are pretty tight.

New games revealed that I'm interested in:
World's End Club Game: It looks pretty charming.
Project Triangle Strategy: I'm not that big on making morale choices in game. But Utility, Morality, Liberty is a whole lot more interesting than the old Paragon/Renegade stuff. Also it looks great.

--- Quote from: Gobbles on February 18, 2021, 11:25:29 AM ---World's End Club Game: It looks pretty charming.

--- End quote ---

It's made by ex Dangonranpa developers. This should be interesting.

It honestly did not even occur to me that there was a chance we'd be getting it on the Switch. I had just kind of assumed Nintendo was telling the devs to have it ready as a launch title for their next console years from now.

Maybe that was even the plan at one point but they changed their minds when they realized that either the Switch has plenty of life left in it or that only supporting your big multilayer games once every many years isn't really how that works. Either way, I'm excited!

Also Project Triangle Strategy looks great. I don't even really like JRPGs that much and I really liked Octopath Traveler, so a strategy game sounds even better since that's a general I actually enjoy.
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