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Anyone playing Genshin Impact?

For the uninitiated, in a nutshell, it's basically a mobile Breath of the Wild. It's looks pretty impressive to me.
I played it before, but frankly its not BoTW enough for multiple reasons;

1. Small map, the art style is BoTW, but the updates are too slow, would recommend playing after they do significant expansions

2. Unintelligent foes, the game suffers from all other mobile games in that while the Graphics are great, the NPCs continue to lack the depth and diversity available in console games, such as BoTW

3. Fun is social factor dependent, the game's lack of merits on its standalone is compensated by a 'very' active player base on social media and gacha elements, if you like these aspects you will find it fun.

Also the game runs out of juice really quickly and becomes repetitive, the best part are the voicelines.

Summary, its really GTA gameplay wise with a BoTW skin mod, where most of the time you are driving a car.

My verdict is that its better binged than played now as-is, I quitted after finishing Dragonspine with ADV 48, SSRs Qiqi/Zhongli/Mona

TIMESWORN RIME something something
Fair enough, my IRL friends play it and I have a Discord. I'm thinking once I upgrade my artifacts, and clear abyss, I may transition to a similar pattern. I really like the environment though, it looks great and I can't wait to see what they'll do with future content.
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
608047285 if anyone wants me on their friends list for some reason, but I'm not doing coop because PS4 (and bad wifi in any case).

Looking forward to the Lantern Rite, though after picking up Ganyu, I'm saving as much as I can for Hu Tao because reasons. VA reasons.  (EDIT: RIP me, lost the 50/50 to Keqing)

Screw these Hypostases though.
I mostly do my dailies, spend resin, and quit for the day. Honestly I'm fairly happy with it since the 'daily' routine in this game is so short. I don't like daily quests in principle because they make you feel like you have to invest an hour or two every day for some game even if you don't feel like it, but in this one you can crank em out in like 15 minutes. Spending resin takes a bit longer, but with the condensed resin thing, that I can normally do in like 10 minutes too, so yay.

I really like the game when there is new content though, so I'm happy to keep being 'productive' with it with my dailies each and every time new content is out. I haven't bought any gems yet, but I've been saving up forever, have 19k primogems at the moment, and 30 free wishes. I like Hu tao's design, but I don't know her playstyle yet, and I'm already set on getting Keqing. I know she isn't the power creep meta or whatever but just the fast sword user with long twintails has me sold by itself =P. Plus purple is one of my 2 fave colours so there's that too. I just hope the game doesn't make me 180 pull pity her. I got Tartaglia by 'mistake' trying to get diona. pulled 50 times for her, didn't get her, got childe instead. argh. I am doomed to not get any bows too. Still don't have a 4* bow other than the prototype made one, so it's hard for me to make good use of him. I kinda dislike his playstyle too.
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