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The Neverending Civil War Continues! Pick Your Moriya!
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We've had one of these polls in every incarnation of this forum (that I'm aware of). Time to continue the tradition!

Super simple question: Who is the best goddess at the Moriya Shrine? It has been proven again and again that it's Suwako, so really this is just a formality, but it would not do to break tradition. That's not what religious institutions are about!

Now gogogo make with the voting and the posting
pfft half of sanae?

i had to pick kanako there, since suwako is kinda... immature? idk
and i like how kanako looks more, and how her theme sounds, and she doesnt talk weird like suwako

ok but not bashing on suwako that much because her "its just a stupid blockhead" line from hisoutensoku is still priceless
I might be a Cirno
But Suwako...

She's mighty fine  8)
Agent BSoD:
I forgot you could even make polls.

Also what is this half of Sanae? :V
Anyway, pffft, Moriya shrine. Hakurei shrine is where it's at.
It's exactly what it says on the tin! Pick whichever half you like. Left half, right half, upper half, lower half, inner half, outer half, good half, evil half, the possibilities are finite but numerous.
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