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Fire Emblem Heroes: We almost got Brave Bernadetta

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Porting over the Fire Emblem Heroes thread from the old forum. Fire Emblem is a mobile version of Fire Emblem featuring tiny maps, cute little tiny versions of all of your favorite characters (provided all of your favorite characters are not from Fire Emblem Three Houses) and all of the salt and posturing you'd expect from Fire Emblem fans on the internet.


So can we pretty much universally agree that Hall of Forms is the best event type and Lost Lore is the worst one at this point? I like Grand Conquest a lot but it's pretty exhausting so I certainly don't want to see them often, but I'm always thrilled to see Hall of Forms on the horizon. I just wish the final battle was a little more intense, maybe a lite version of a legendary hero battle or something just to give me a little bit more to build towards.


Oh absolutely, HoF is the best game mode by far. A final boss-like level could be interesting, but I'd like it to be infinite tries if it's to be particularly difficult. That way I could see if something doesn't work and go back to rolling for skills. I happened to finish the last HoF with the very last torch available to me, so some kind of balance would be necessary to go that route.

Rolling for Ninians and a Lull Atk/Spd (for F!F!Corrin?) have cost me all my orbs so I'm back to near-zero again. Somehow got pity broken by a Nagi in those pulls, adding to my dragon collection. Probably not going to use her, but still nice.


I'd say, Lost Lore is pretty inoffensive? It doesn't hurt anyone and gives you some free if mostly useless stuff. I dislike the music game thing a lot more, because it actually requires me to do something for subpar rewards, as opposed to Lost Lore which does everything itself.

But I also agree that HoF is the best event type. The only thing that bothers me about that statement is that the best event is somehow one where you can't use you own units? I think it's a glaring flaw of the game, that after these years, they still didn't find a way to use my own level 40+10 characters in a fun way, that's not getting stomped by them or completely stomps them. Arena exists I guess, but it's not really interesting in any way.

I enjoy the little "Do one battle for flowers for every character you unlock"-Mode (sorry, I play in German, and don't want to look up English names for modes), because it actually gives me interesting challenges to work out sometimes, especially if the character I have to get two kills for is one I don't want to 5*.


I like Illusory Dungeon just fine personally, it's cute and fun and doesn't take that long.

As for ways to use your juiced super-units, I'd say we have quite a few legitimate uses aside from PVP at this point. Personally I love Infernal battles, they're crazy puzzles that I have a ton of fun solving and they're the reason I love this game, but I get that they're not for everyone. Rokkr Siege special challenges are extremely difficult, at least for me, and not only require strong units but also unique and weird sets and specific counter units. And arguably best of all is Grand Conquest, especially lately with the crazy newer units involved, where you need large strong teams of specific unit types.

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