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Magia Record: Rumor of the Resurrected Thread
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Ho boy, according to the text that appeared at login we're possibly getting Madokami early as the next banner :'D

EDIT: Whelp the banner finally appeared in the news so it's confirmed now lol the question is might we also get the other Homura?
Oooh man I do not have a lot saved for that. Arguably I shouldn't even try to pull, I'll get more value out of just getting Madoka and Mami slots down the line I imagine, but I gotta try. Especially if it lines up nicely with the double memoria campaign
YEP the sudden Madokami is -very- awkward. I'll have like 240 pulls so it's not terrible, but...

Alas, I do kinda want the attack up/anti evade memo because the future SE system throws passive evade on tons of girls. Alas again, I was sort of hoping to MLB it with ~400 pulls whilst grabbing Madokami, but she'll rerun eventually. :T

Speaking of evade, I lost my 2x break point match yesterday because Kyouko evaded and then scored multiple crits in a blast puella. AUGH
During Ranked Mirrors today I just had one of my battles glitch out in a way that got me a win ;D

My opponent took out my Kirika, but for some reason she was still on the field and her taunt+counter memoria still worked. They could target and kill her (she just reappears and dies) and she could counter but never stayed dead. I couldn't even select her discs because the game says she's dead but also thinks she's alive. She died like 5 times and protected my other girls from getting hit.
It even ended weirdly too; there was a Karin and Kokoro left, but when Kokoro was left with practically 1hp the game stopped counting her as alive and wouldn't let me target her anymore. I killed Karin and the game says I won despite Kokoro still being there.

I've seen some people have that glitch where their character is dead but the discs are still there, but I've never had this variant happen to me before. I remember a similar glitch that happened to me during Tart's event where I had one of the area bosses on little hp left and when I hit the turn limit the game said I won despite the boss still being alive.

Unfortunate that it only happened once and it looks like I'll be getting A ranked again.
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Welp, Godoka is out, and as suspected, she was gunning for me for some reason. A shame she stripped me of Fujino luck to do it, but 3 slots is nothing to sneeze at.
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