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Magia Record: Rumor of the Resurrected Thread
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Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Final reminder: MagiReco EN will end service approximately 27 hours from the time of this post. If you are going to use Gallery Mode, you have to download the update and log into the game at least once before then. (If you're transferring to another device, make sure you download the videos, too, so you can watch the transformations!)

You'll only have the girls you've actually obtained, though, so...
I managed to save and archive a zip file of all my data before the server ended, so if I ever feel like going to that in-progress proxy server someone's working on I can pull up my file and get all my stuff back. In the meantime my girls will remain asleep.

Seems like Gallery Mode is busted since Aniplex can't code; images are still broken, transformation vids aren't working and there's a different font type being used that makes it look crappy. Nice going Aniplex.
I've been unable to really use my remaining summons, every time I try the game crashes before I see my summon results and parsing out what happened every time is annoying and slow. I'll give it another try before tonight, but a lot of stuff seems to be very broken.

JP is going fine, experience gems have been the main bottleneck for getting competent teams running but I've more or less been playing events so far. I wish event translations happened faster so I could read as I play along, but it makes sense that they don't. Obviously I'm just thankful anyone is translating at all since it seems like a big job for an amateur.
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