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Magia Record: Rumor of the Resurrected Thread
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Porting over the Magia Record thread from the old forum.

Magia Record is a mobile game set in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe, and now an anime as well. They're set roughly concurrently with the original series and are pretty great.

If lack of a Madoka Magica sequel after all these years is bumming you out give the game or the anime a shot, they've got a lot of the same flavor without being completely derivative. Magia Record also has one of the more generous gacha systems out there if you're gacha-averse.
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Mirrors Ranking is a lot easier than last time. Maybe it's because I'm actually using a max level trio, maybe it's because I'm using good Memoria; it's likely because I'm running 4-slot Melissa instead of 1-slot Kyoko. Having a roughly 50% win ratio on defense is buoying my confidence.

I still doubt I'm going to get into S-rank, but as long as I get at least A-2, it'll be better than last go, and I'll be happy.
I tried rearranging my Mirrors team for the rankings and I've been doing better (though I lost 2 battles today...) I just wish I had more slots on my Mami and Mito; Mito's doing good with My Bible but the only thing I can do for her and Mami to keep them alive longer is give them evade and hope for the best.
I've been tempted to switch things up and run Dark/Aqua Tercio with Kanoko/Yachiyo/Nanaka with Mito as an extra but idk; I just like relying on Kanoko/Mito/Mami for one of their connect effects to give me an edge.

Also listened to the anime's english dub recently. Kaede actually sounds better than the japanese version, less annoying and a lot more realistic when she was pissed off at Rena.
Yeah I've been doing pretty well with my mirrors team as well. And mine is a deliberately bad theme team with the whole original series cast so I was prepared for it to do bad. I think it's a combination of Sayaka being very underrated and the Ryushin-Ryu Assistant Instructor memoria being wildly overpowered.

My team is still pretty soft to Yachiyo until I can get another memoria slot or two on Mami, and Yachiyo does make up like 80%+ of the metagame, but at least mirrors ranking is generous about providing skips and lots of options. And even with that big common weakness my defensive win rate is around 50%, so hopefully once I have a reliable answer it'll get even better.

So remind me, does enemy team value matter for mirrors ranking or does only their multiplier matter? I've been assuming it's the latter so hopefully I haven't crippled my score so far.
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Only the multiplier matters. The only other factors that matter is the number of turns you take (you lose .1 per turn in Performance after the first, starts at 1.5), the number of successful Connects (add .1 to Performance; capped at 1.5), and whether it's a Break point or not.
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