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During this whole quarantine I've been taking the time to catch up or rewatch a lot of anime. I've recently completed Fullmetal Alchemist (original and Brotherhood along with the movies), Spice and Wolf, Madoka Magica (+Rebellion) and Magia Record, and now I'm currently binging on D. Gray-man (watching both original and going for Hallow afterwards), and plan on finishing Monochrome Factor and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Probably got others on my list but I can't recall them atm and I'm focusing on what I'm interested in now.

What anime have you guys been watching lately? Wanna recommend one or have certain preferences? Wanna discuss likes/dislikes with your current watch? Let's talk about them here.


My Brother and I have also been using some quarantine time to catch up on anime, mainly stuff that I've missed and some new stuff. My Hero Academia, Fire Force, Tower of God and Attack on Titan... Season 2 (Yes I'm that late!).


Been watching a lot of Symphogear lately, still in the first season but it's been very good. Also been catching up on Cardcaptor Sakura.


I'm one of those people who didn't hop on the AoT bandwagon back when it was popular, so I've been watching that off and on. There's a few other shows I wanna watch, too, but I can really only keep track of 1 show at a time.


I need to get back to watching Jojo and Eizouken. Not like those shows are gonna get another season any time soon.

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