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Ionasal kkll Solciel:
6th anniversary is now up!

My rolls weren't too bad. Spooked by Ozymandias, but didn't have him yet so that's fine. Koyan showed up on free quartz, and Douman evidently decided he wanted in on all my Chaotic and/or Evil characters. I'm leaning toward Tesla on the ticket, but there's also Old Li...

Still better than my last few banners.

Little sad we didn't get any "future" upgrades like Mighty Chains, but the why is understandable.
Brand New TamaLancer GSSR
NP4 -> NP5 CasTama Free SSR, also level 108 -> level 114
240 rolls for TamaSkaya, no fox yet but the banner isn't over
Aya Reiko:
NP3'd Morgan while chasing Bargy and Sith.

GSSR = NP2 Summer Tamamo
Free SSR = Tesla
Got Tama-vitch, Oberon a total fail
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
NA Exclusive permanent GSSR! Available for one month (after your next login for vets, after completing Fuyuki for newbies)

12 Paid Quartz for one of 21 Limited SSRs from pre-Solomon era. No First Hassan, but Summer Artoria, Ishtar, Merlin, MHX, and Jeanne Alter are all high tier picks.
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Reminder now that Summer 6 has been teased for NA:

Summer 6 will likely not be rerun. While the Event Servant exchange means we'll probably get her available indefinitely later on, if you don't get Ruler da Vinci during this event, we're guaranteed to have at least two years before she shows up again.
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