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Fate/Grand Order - You Can (Not) Rate Up
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Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Just a general reminder of things coming up soon in NA:

There's two more blue cube quests this week only. Do it for the 4 quartz. This current batch of blue cubes will expire around the end of September.
Swap your event supports! The Hunting Quests use your Event supports.
This next event has a Limited Servant in the FP gacha. This event and its rerun are the only times you'll be able to get them/their coins, so do it for the memes.

Imaginary Scramble is next month, so you should go beat LB1 if you haven't already to qualify (though there are spoilers all the way up to LB4, so be careful!)

LB5.5 is in November, which also brings a Master Level cap increase and farmable yarns and flames.
Hello, just wanted to share out a sq calculator site for NA players that has the latest summon rates in NA: https://fgosavings.com/
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
So, who's everyone going for on the GSSR? I went White Cavalry, since that's the banner I only have a single member of. Would have liked to try for Red Cavalry 2, but I wanted to minimize the chance I get a dupe.

Hi, Merlin.
Went with Red Knights 2, because the three Servants I want the most in the game were on it and everyone was at least acceptable

Got a dupe Sei Shonagon :v
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Just a reminder: We will have our first 5.5 locked event in the next few months. If you haven't finished Heiyan-kyo yet, do so soon! (I still haven't finished Olympus yet lol)
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