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Fate/Grand Order - You Can (Not) Rate Up
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Been playing for 3 years at NA. Not exactly at launch, but pretty close to it
Therefore, the salt experience in my entire being is high

--- Quote from: Neovereign on February 21, 2020, 12:12:32 AM ---Just finished London before this event started. So I'm at the Fifth now.

I think I have a good enough crew to start getting through game more comfortably. Though, some slots for a 2nd of the same class aren't as great. Like Assassin... used to be, until this event.

--- End quote ---

Ah gotcha, I got stuck on the early demon pillars so if you can handle those then you're doing pretty decent. Although I didn't understand how to use Mystic Codes until waaaay late in the game (I thought they used command seals for some reason) which hurt.
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
ostrawberries we're at 9M Downloads already... 3 SQ from Master Missions, more tix, half AP EoR story quests, and SE.RA.PH release Servants (minus Melt) in the rate-up.

On the one hand, we're gonna just barely whiff getting those tickets for MAGARE; on the other hand, we're at least getting the March monthly tickets if you want them for her.

This is also your reminder to head back to the Hanging Gardens to redeem your extra Flavor Boosts, Lock-On Chocolates, and Surprise Chocolates. I only just remembered myself....
Rei Scarlette:
I think there may still be a chance to use those tickets on the KnK banners, but that depends entirely on if I misunderstood the news or not.

The first reward is written to be your first login after 2020-02-24 20:00 PST. Then, so long as I'm not goofing something, the seventh available reward should be 2020-03-01 20:00 PST, right?

Void and MAGARE are lasting until 03-02 20:00 PST so we should have *just one* day to try our luck.

Well, in either case, I hope that's how it works out, but even if not, it's about time we start getting 3 SQ from weeklies. That'll be great stuff.

--- Quote from: commandercool on February 20, 2020, 11:38:35 PM ---I got Stheno as my starter character and she didn't do me any favors.

--- End quote ---

I will not tolerate such blasphemy in my house
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