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Knives Out for Ryougi! NA's currently going through the Kara no Kyoukai rerun. I've no idea what's going on in JP World other than that neon multicolored girl being introduced (and somehow getting less than less interesting the more she ascends).

(All IDs copied from previous OP - if you want your ID added or removed, just give the word)
Friend IDs:

beaver1231: 702,073,038 / 340,339,400
Chaore: 789,874,752
Jana: 602,309,163
Mr. Jovial: 693,517,823
Patorkiku: 606,389,941
qMyon: 674,355,001
trancehime: 398,240,354
yuyukos: 293,823,911
Zengar Zombolt: 861,528,643
Zerviscos: 235,589,526

Aya Reiko: 084,898,611
AzyWng: 810,842,433
Chaore: 416,340,402
commandercool: 440,432,213
Edible: 180,877,949
Ionasal kkll Solciel: 396,872,783
Jana: 468,680,095
Kasu: 836,681,458
Mesarthim: 761,320,178
Neovereign: 977,295,156
qMyon: 936,634,137
Rei Scarlette: 039,794,959
Sect: 199,652,307
Tashi: 744,042,212
yuyukos: 408,231,921
Zengar Zombolt: 744,658,052
Zerviscos: 970,709,708(Quit NA)

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Rei Scarlette:
Currently blazing through KnK at light speed myself, in an effort to hurry and max ascend Shiki. Wasteful on the apples? Heck yeah it is, but along with nobubu she's another of my favorites, so you gotta do what you gotta do

Sitting on 53/100 missions but I have to bully medusa 12 more times before I can make any more real progress, oof

Good luck any friends who are still trying to roll for Void or Fujino - my resources have been emptied and I had no luck with em.
I don't have especially strong feelings for KnK, but Asagami is sufficiently novel that I broke down and dipped into my leftover paid SQ* to do a second 10-pull. Got four event CEs (including a second Handsome Gentleman), but no Servant luck. :(

*I still have 18 left over and they are completely untouchable at this point because the math now works out perfectly wrt future GSSRs

Fake Edit:

--- Quote from: Rei Scarlette on February 19, 2020, 11:29:01 AM ---I have to bully medusa 12 more times

--- End quote ---

Given the plot of the event, I wonder what it says about the Gorgon sisters that Stheno and Medusa are residents of the apartment but Euryale isn't.

Real Edit: Whoops I brought Nitocris to the Old Incinerator quest and completly ruined Ryougi's chance to show off <_<
Aya Reiko:
US Friend ID: 084,898,611

If I get enough for another 10-roll, I'll roll again for her.  Otherwise it's time to stockpile for Summer and Skadi.
Still trying to stockpile quartz for this year's new Summer event in my everlasting quest to get a damn Foreigner-class servant. Alas, I also feel obligated to pull one ten-roll on each new banner if it's event/new story chapter-related, so it's kinda slow-going at the moment.

That said, I fell in love with the animation in Fujino's NP, so I've been throwing tickets at the event banner, though I haven't gotten her so far and I doubt I will at all. At the very least I've come away with some more event CEs, so I'm not too disappointed.
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