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Animal Crossing New Horizons: hiding from 2020
I had never played an Animal Crossing before a few months ago and didn't really ever plan on playing one. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing I would really like. But a couple of buddies convinced me to pick it up so we could play together and hang out virtually if not hang out for real, and it's been really lovely. I don't think I would have played nearly this much of it under normal circumstances, but these aren't normal circumstances so I have, and I've been glad to have something so silly and chill to distract me.

Tonight is the first fireworks event and I've been enjoying it a lot. It almost feels like I'm at a real party hanging out with my real friends, and that's kinda sad but it's what I needed right now.

If anyone wants to visit my island feel free to hit me up. It's nothing impressive but you guys are welcome to take a look at my extra recipes and stuff.

Also, Flora is the cutest animal. Want to hug. :D
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