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16th Touhou Popularity Vote

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Touhou Popularity Vote16th Edition
Time Left: [ Expired ]
Support your favorite characters and vote on your favorite music tracks / works at [Toho-Vote]

According to the website one can:

* Register support works and support your favorite characters, music, and works (Until June 13th 04:00 GMT)
* Get a Voting ID issued to your e-mail address (Until June 14th 04:00 GMT)
* Cast a vote in each department (Until June 14th 04:00 GMT)
* Wait for the preliminary results are scheduled for release on June 14th
Instructions: (Click on the images to expand)
Open the [Voting Form] at select the option to issue new Voter ID:
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On the Voter ID page fill in the required information and submit the form to generate a unique identification number:
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After receiving your unique Voter ID via Electronic Mail (check spam) return to the [Voting Form] and select a category you would like to cast a vote in.  Once in the category fill in your Voter ID in the text-box at the top, an optional nickname and select your characters
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After submitting the form you will be given a chance to review your selections.  If you see an inconsistency you can return to the form with the upper button, if everything is correct you can submit using the lower button.
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1. Alice Margatroid
2. Yukari Yakumo
3. Mima
4. Nitori
5. Doremy Sweet
6. Shinmyoumaru
7. Byakuren Hijiri

These are my character votes for this year. Yuuka dropped out and got replaced with Shinmyoumaru - that's the biggest change I believe. I feel like I'm voting Alice out of force of habit now but I still feel like she's my favourite character. Can't really be bothered choosing my favourite song or favourite game unfortunately. I know what my top 3 favourite games are but I've got no idea where to start on the songs. Is there a sorting thing for songs like we have for characters?


--- Quote from: aListers on June 09, 2020, 01:20:06 AM ---Is there a sorting thing for songs like we have for characters?

--- End quote ---
There is, but only the most dedicated would make it through the entire thing...

Le 6:

I saw that MoTK moved so I have a new account now. I was MaskedLeon in the ancient forum.

Anyway, I always did the touhou popularity poll, thanks to MoTK translating, so it was easy to remember how to vote.

That said, here's my choices :

Characters :

-1: Koishi Komeiji
-2: Keiki Haniyasushin
-3 : Yuuka Kazami
-4 : Alice Margatroid
-5 : Hina Kagiyama
-6 : Medicine Melancholy
-7 : Kogasa Tatara

Themes :

-1 : Entrusting this World to Idols ~ Idolatrize World
-2 : Vanishing dream ~ Lost Dream
-3 : Hartmann's Youkai Girl
-4 : Poison Body ~ Forsaken Doll
-5 : Beast Metropolis
-6 : Higan Retour ~ Riverside View
-7 : Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being
-8 : Fate of Sixty Years
-9 : Border of Life
-10 : Sleeping Terror


I'm not getting screwed over by an erroneous deadline this year lol.

Favorite characters:

1. Youmu Konpaku
2. Utsuho Reiuji
3. Reimu Hakurei
4. Kogasa Tatara
5. Marisa Kirisame
6. Yukari Yakumo
7. Seija Kijin

Favorite themes (not ordered below #3):

1. Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion
2. A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy
3. Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever
4. Lullaby of Deserted Hell
5. Absorbed in Curiosity Year-Round
6. Magical Storm
7. Sky of Scarlet Perception
8. Faraway Voyage of 380,000 Kilometers
9. No More Going Through Doors
10. Illusionary White Traveler

Favorite works:

1. Touhou Chireiden (Subterranean Animism)
2. Touhou Fuujinroku (Mountain of Faith)
3. Touhou Kishinjou (Double Dealing Character)
4. Touhou Kikeijuu (Wily Beast and Weakest Creature)
5. Yousei Daisensou (Great Fairy Wars)


1. 31
2. Male
3. North America
4. Lunatic clears for all except PoFV (not played)
5. Not subscribed for all
6. Music, games, and universe
7. Between UFO and GFW
8. YouTube
9. No participation
10. Voted 4 or more times

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