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Double Spoiler; Momiji Spritesheets


Lapis Lazuli:
Hello! So I'm making a danmakufu script of Momiji, and I noticed that while her sprite sheet in Mountain of Faith is fairly static, she has a larger number of animations, including a slashing animation, in Double Spoiler. However, The Spriter's Resource doesn't have Double Spoiler sprites, and any tutorials i could find online on how to rip sprites all assume that I already have the spritesheet; clearly, I don't! Can someone teach me how to extract the spritesheet itself?

EDIT: I don't need specifically THAT spritesheet, it's just the only one I can find that's nearly as animated. If push comes to shove, I might try making my own.

To Zero:
What about Brightmoon + anm2png?
Back then I've used to rely on SE, but for some reason now even simple visit to its site rises virus alert

Don't use Brightmoon.  Use Touhou Toolkit.  Much newer, won't have viruses, etc.  thanm gives you png format sheets, too.


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