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Danmakufu Q&A Thread 4 - V3 Edition.

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Can render priority affect hitboxes? I don't think it should but well...

So, I was messing around with bullets that changed sizes, before realizing that my shrinking bullets completely hid the growing bullets until they were close to the player and led to some cheap deaths.

I used the Obj_SetRenderPriority function to give the growing bullets a priority of 1 and they started behaving... oddly. I'm not 100% sure what was going on, but I was definitely getting killed by invisible hitboxes. I set the priority to 0.6 instead and the problem went away. Any idea what could have possibly caused this?

Additionally, is there a list somewhere of the default render priority of each object?



--- Quote from: Gabe24 on October 23, 2021, 05:49:44 AM ---Can render priority affect hitboxes?

--- End quote ---

Bullets will start rendering with (0,0) being the top left of the window rather than the top left of the playing field.

Maybe that will explain why hitboxes become "wonky" -- they aren't where the bullets seem to be.

You can interpolate it.  A good start would be to do this over multiple frames, like this:

--- Code: ---task OrbMove(obj,orbx,orby,destx,desty) {
    let sx = orbx;
    let sy = orby;
    let frames = 10; //the amount of frames to move over
    let incr_x = (destx - orbx) / frames;
    let incr_y = (desty - orby) / frames;
    loop(frames) {
        sx += incr_x;
        sy += incr_y;
--- End code ---
You can do this in a more refined way, but this is a good starting point.
(Also I noticed you're using 0.12m... you should probably be using ph3.  It's far newer lol)

Also, I realize I'm often not as attentive in here as I should be sometimes, but please keep your questions in the help thread as opposed to making new threads for every question :sweatangry:
For the sake of cleanliness, I'll merge these with the main help thread.


--- Quote from: xChumbo on October 18, 2021, 09:47:47 PM ---Hello guys! I've been thinking a lot about danmakufu scripts, and my question is: Is it posible to render danmakufu scripts/stages/packages outside ph3?

I mean, I've recently seen applications like this one (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.knead.TouhouTNA02&hl=es_AR&gl=US), but I don't really know if it's using ph3 or something else to run.

Thank you for your attention.

--- End quote ---

A bit delayed but...a couple things.
Firstly, ph3 and its variants only work on PCs for now.  They are designed for Windows and can be used on Mac and Linux using a tool like Wine.
Apps like these are made from scratch and either use their own engines, or use something pre-made like GameMaker:Studio, Unity, Godot, etc.
There are frameworks/sample projects for those if you're interested in making shmup stuff, if you're interested in mobile development.  I'll admit it's not been very explored since the shift in guidelines (which is due for a topic update on the FAQs, come to think of it...)


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