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Free To Use Assets for Touhou Fan Doujins


Hello there!  This is a continuation of the old thread on V2, and this post will be updated with up-to-date links to these resources.
You can find the old thread here, but bear in mind some links are dead or out of date.
Feel free to link to assets that you can verify are free to use here!  Replies are open.

General Art
ikiya.jp (Traditional Japanese Patterns) - Free and paid packs (more research required on terms of use for free packs, use with caution.)
More Traditional Japanese Patterns - Free to use, commercial use allowed, editing allowed

Sound Effects
8-bit sound samples (Where ZUN samples his sound effects from) - Free to use, commercial use allowed, editing allowed
STG sound effect library - Commercial use allowed, see terms of use on page.

Portrait Art
Alphes imitation art - Free to use (according to old thread, may need verification.)
Dairi art - See terms of use, goo.gl link leads to art downloads.1

Danmakufu Assets
Danmakufu Official Assets - See terms of use.
Kirbio's CtC style sprites - See terms of use.
DD's Player Sprites - Free to use for FREE doujin games, commercial use NOT allowed.  See terms of use.
Felis-Licht's Danmakufu Sprites and Graphics - See terms of use on thread.
1The old thread used the actual google drive links which are explicitly against Dairi's terms of use.  Please go through his Nico page and find them.

You can add my thread to the list of free to use danmakufu assets: https://shrinemaiden.com/index.php?topic=32.0
I made them for this purpose~ :)

Thanks for your contribution!  I've added it.


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