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It stings.

This secret is known to a few, but Reisen's aura stings.

Herself remains blissfully unaware, yet her presence is larger than life. One that threatens to disrupt the peace of any well-crafted machine. Wrench in the cogs. Calm down.

"Miss Kaguya, I wish to ask your wishes on the matter. Eirin , Miss, sent me to convey a message."

This seems exceptionally important.

Taking her silence as consent, I continued the absurd.

"Huziwara girl has been hit by a motorcycle, Miss Eirin wants to know if that interests you."

I wished I had phrased it better, I wish, I wish. I wish this is going to end well for everyone.


The silence is excruciating, how many minutes has it been?

"I wish to see fireworks, with the Huziwara girl."

"I shall relay the message immediately."

I wrote down, exactly as she mentioned, on the notebook I kept on me.
I wish to see fireworks, with the Huziwara girl  ≧ω≦.

I made exceptionally sure to bite my fifth nail to nail the brilliant red hues. This is a love story in the making.
I feel the tension. This could finally be it.

Probably just some extra emphasis on the word, just to be doubly sure.

"Reisen, you have been dismissed."
"I shall relay the message immediately, Miss Kaguya"

Oh well.
Things are going to get stingy, I will live to see it through.