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I'm very curious what Miyoi's powers are, but after the last chapter, I get the impression the fact that it is very hard to remember her is a passive ability, if it is one at all. The way she talks about it makes it sound more like an acquired trait than something she can control.
Chapter 4 is out.
I'm starting to get confused wheter or not Miyoi is a protagonist or an anthagonist.

--- Quote from: Lebon14 on February 26, 2020, 03:40:57 AM ---Chapter 4 is out.
I'm starting to get confused wheter or not Miyoi is a protagonist or an anthagonist.

--- End quote ---

Me too. Last chapter it seemed more like some of this stuff was happening outside of her own volition, but this chapter has her looking menacingly on multiple occasions. And that beast that Reimu saw...We didn't even see too much of it, but it felt like it was on a whole other level than the other ones before, if it even is real.
The way she's calling her own name is strange, too. Maybe the whale hat is the Suima, and causes the nightmares, while Miyoi induces the drunken sleep? Because the whale is in the background of every hallucination. Or there is no Miyoi at all, and it's only the hat.

On a side note, Reimu worrying about Marisa is so cute, and Youmu definitely is a mean drunk. And Marisa in cooking mode looks awesome!

Edit: Just remembered that Miyoi said she is the Zashiki-warashi of the pub. So she probably isn't an extension of the hat, at least if she told the truth.
Suspicious person:
I think that this new manga series is far more reflective of ZUN's favorite things when compared to previous work, what's with the recurrence of beer and food, AKA stuff that ZUN is a pretty big fan of. Speaking of things ZUN is a fan of, I'm VERY tempted to say that ZUN might even have taken some inspiration from Jojo's bizarre adventure -something we all know he is a big fanboy of- for Miyoi, specifically Death 13, as it involves a dreadful, irresistible and unrememberable dream attack.

Honestly can't tell what kind of direction this is taking, but I like the pictures, I find it pretty lively.

Also I'm a bit surprised at Marisa's reaction to being talked down. I haven't really thought of her as some kind of proud person, but then again maaayyyybe Reimu and the others crossed the "teasing" line and went into the "rude and insulting" side ... also Youmu is not a nice girl
It's pretty surprising to see YOUMU be the one who is making fun of someone instead of the other way around! Jerk.
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