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Lotus Eaters manga discussion thread
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Suspicious person:
Been a while, but this manga gets to be the first one to give a proper talking role to a 18th generation(?) 2hu in the form of Sannyo ! And speaking of historic(?) Touhou things, Sannyo also gets to show the MOST skin and it even seems to me like it's the first time we get to see a few millimeters of cleavage in a Touhou manga, huh. With tobacco, booze and gambling, we now need some guns, sex and drugs to make this the most vice laden Touhou manga, so looking forward to that.

Bit of a shame for TH17 gang, but kinda hoping that's because they're to get more roles in games or something.

When I saw the dice in the last chapter 30, I instantaneously thought that there might be some Jojo part 4 style dice cheating, what's with Jojo being among ZUN's favorite things ever to take inspiration from and to reference. Also, speaking of "among" things, a bit of a Touhou amogus moment as a human venting their gambling needs in Sannyo's place kinda lead her to opening a gambling place inside, guess where, Geidontei, which is really getting fatter by the month.

In TH18, Sannyo kinda comes off as an elegant but pretty rough and rude gal imo, but this manga illustrates her as more sharp and sophisticated. These bonus characterizations are always nice to see, and would have been real cool for TH17 characters too ... Anyway, If Sannyo is to pop up in a game one of these days, I hope it's with that one-sleeve down kind of design, as it will help her look like her own character instead of a Yorihime-at-home kinda girl.
Incidentally, the sleeve thing is apparently a customary thing for female dealers in chou-han, or at least it is in popular imagination. Dealers are often topless in order to minimize accusations of cheating, so Sannyo is exposing her dealing arm to the same effect. This amount of skin is unusual for Touhou to be sure, but it's for a fair reason so it doesn't stand out too much, in my opinion.

Also really, as a Kaiji fan, Mamizou fell for the most basic mindgame out there. Of course Sannyo would break the pattern that she knew Mamizou would catch on to. She's got no one to blame but herself for getting cleaned out.
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