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I'm unsure if it qualifies, since only names are mentioned and the interaction is brief, but I had to share this somewhere.

I can’t remember exactly how I got in, but I knew I took a plane to Portugal. I wasn’t told this by anyone, but some part of me just KNEW that’s how I got there.
I remember being in an giant yellow ballroom with tables and chairs everywhere and a set of large wooden doors from the outside.
Some of my friends and my brother was there, and we all had an electronic of some kind. My brother had a Nintendo DS, and I had a smartphone. On my phone was a news article about some game company (I think it was called 3D5) getting into a scandal after stealing players personal info.
We were all “led” by a kid with short blonde hair who I never caught the name of. He warned us that, since it was night, the two maids “Momiji and Aya” will viciously attack us if they see us out of bed. I made note of it.
Some time passed and I tried to talk with the others but it wasn’t super coherent, so I just sat in a big soft recliner until I noticed the doors were slightly ajar.
I got up from my seat and approached the doors, and on the other side was complete darkness, say for a tiny bit of wooden floor I floor see from the light of the ballroom. Unfortunately, the doors were difficult to close and kept swerving around everywhere.

Suddenly, I heard a really loud screech/scream from the darkness. The blonde kid then pushed me aside and slammed the doors shut with ease. After that, there was a lot of banging and slamming on the other side of the doors, along with weird hissing and growling noises that sounded like a rabid animal. Whatever was out there, it really wanted to get in.
It eventually stopped and we went along with our business. I then assumed that whatever was out there and tried to get in were the two maids he talked about, Momiji and Aya.
I lied down on my stomach near the wall and stared at the phone. There wasn’t anything on it, really.
Suddenly, I heard the muffled sound of a door opening and keys jingling from a different room in the building. A voice with a thick Portuguese accent said “Gargamados! I’m back!”. I didn’t hear the door being shut behind them.
Then, I heard dainty little footsteps from outside the ballroom we were in. I noticed that the door was slightly ajar again, but to a lesser degree this time. The footsteps approached the door, and they closed it from the outside.

This is when I woke up. No, this was not lucid; my mind made this up on its own. And no, I do not know what "gargamados" means.
Sir Scaravich:
It has been a long time since I've said anything about Touhou dreams eh? Well, here goes nothing...

I don't remember exactly what happened, but I remember that Marisa was flying in the forest that have pink and teal-ish(?) color. It has a twisted trunk tree that goes on horizontally, like a wall or something. I remember mostly that Marisa going in the middle, which is where the horizontal twisted trunk tree is located. I think that's what remember...
Dreamy-Eyed Yuuritsu:
In one dream, I saw Reimu and Marisa sitting in tanks travelling down a countryside road.
I may have been playing too much Call of Duty at that point.
I had a dream with a small Touhou-related scene last night, but the only things I remember were that I saw two female friends in a school cafeteria wearing shirts that had big crowd-style scenes of Touhou girls on them, and something lead to one of the friends doing a presentation that involved a Walfas-styled professor version of Cirno that had three names, with Cirno only being her surname. (Now that I think about it, that second part may have been influenced by a medicine fellowship-related job I've been doing for my father.)
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