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Had a dream today that I had been left to take care of Flandre for a bit and that meant bringing her to the outside world for a bit.  Of course, she was mostly meant to stay at my house. I introduced her to my friends and stuff and that she would be staying for a little bit. Eventually I noticed sombody was specifically spying on her so I ended up running off with her to protect her. Eventually that lead to me getting a boat to one of the islands off the coast along with a friend. We then found ourselves going town to town on the island with other people joining our party - each running from a different problem. I had to keep a close eye on Flandre for the whole trip as she didn't really know what a car was on the dangerous country roads so I'd have to hold her in place while it drove past. Eventually after a while of running through forests, roads and fields we eventually came to a major town in while a royal event was going on. In order for us to progress we had to climb up the walls of an old church. Unfortunately, days in the desert on the road had left me with a great thirst so my legs gave out and I was unable to continue. I left Flandre in the care of my companions and laid there nostalgic about the trip while I was slowly dying of thirst.
Had this one about a couple months ago. I was in some sort of place that resembled a school or college. I was walking around a bit before I spotted Yukari sitting at desk/table busy writing inside a notebook or journal. When I walked into her periphery she looked up at me, looked into my eyes and smiled as she started talking to me. I couldn't remember what we were talking about or why she even took notice of me at all. The last thing that stood out to me from that dream were the I-ching symbols on her dress. I think Yukari was the one to point them out to me in the first place, but it was water over fire or the opposite that she probably made me remember from waking up.
Met Alice again in my dreams. She stumbled into the room drunk so I comforted her. I may not be in a relationship with her anymore but I thought it was part of Highland hospitality and only polite to make sure she was safe and comfortable. At some point she told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. She proceeded to kiss me and throw up in my mouth. She left while I was cleaning my mouth up. I think she did that deliberately. Maybe I've been watching too much chainsaw man.
Alright so i had two weird dreams this week:

-the first one starts with me being in some sort of white room with a painting on the wall,then my dad shows me some manga strips with touhou characters in them.then it cuts to a fan art depicting various characters having a party at reimu's shrine(the only ones i remember are Mokou,Koishi and Reimu)then the dream cuts again,this time to me coloring a world map with a purple and an orange marker

-the second dream starts with me wandering inside someone's house(my vision was kinda blurry so i couldn't exactly figure out where i was going)with an irritated voice telling me about cirno being in DDC and how she was a "punching bag", then it cuts to a drawing depicting a chibi marisa punching cirno for no reason.it cuts again to me going to my bedroom and checking my phone

I should stop doing drugs...
I had a dream where I was in a mine cart with Yukari and members of UNIT (an organisation from Doctor Who) and we were trying to defeat a Thanos like character. Yukari was apparently involved in some peace agreements previously so she was called in to help. UNIT had a facility in which it housed several psychic humans that had proven themselves a danger. Thanos was going to break them out as part of the damage he was to cause. Talking to one person in the cart about a follower of Thanos who was actually a really good person that had been tricked, we got into a conversation about somthing Yukari did in the past and the fact that she was a little bit more emotionally sensitive than she likes to show. I said "that's why I love you" which clearly embarassed me and her a bit because it works if I'm talking about her as a character but it got awkward because she was actually there. I tried to unspill my spaghetti but I don't think anybody bought it. I also talked to her about one dangerous member who was a villain from the show "Heroes" who had the ability to control minds. Me and Yukari agreed that he could not be let out. Eventually we arrived and interrogated a doll. The doll had minor mind control capabilities so we had to test that we were still in our right minds by yoyoing. Eventually this started a party which ended with us all singing and dancing to bad apple
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