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I had a dream recently with Koishi in it. The details are kind of foggy, but I do remember that there were several of those "friends" in dreams that you don't know at all in real life. At some point, Koishi "appeared", and by that I mean only I could see her (probably hiding herself from others through subconsciousness manipulation). She was pretty attached to me and happy the whole time. There was some sort of tension between one of those random people and me, but I don't remember what it was. Regardless, Koishi was still with me.
Oh yeah, I forgot! This all took place at my grandmother's house! It is a mobile home.
Had a dream that in Phantasmagoria of Flower View there was a small map of Gensokyo. It was only the area near the Hakurei Shrine and it was fully interactive. You could explore it with Reimu or Marisa. Around back there was the forest of magic and a small garden. For some reason Reimu was growing chips. I also saw smaller continuity nods as certain roads would later lead to the animal realm. There was also a graveyard, a church and another building I can't remember.
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